Pictures That You Post

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When posting a new thread or within an existing thread, please keep in mind that many of the board members are reading from work. While we all enjoy seeing the naked chick picture from time to time, not all of our employers or co-workers would enjoy that at all - especially in the office!

Please extend the courtesy of putting a NSFW (not safe for work) in the title of your thread, or if you're adding to a thread, then put that at the top of your post, and leave several blank lines before the picture.

If the picture is very graphic just post a link to the pic with the NSFW label.

The mods are going to change your post anyway if you do not put the NSFW in there, and we may even decide to change your pic to just a link to the pic. We would all appreciate it greatly however, if you could start off by using the NSFW.

Thanks! :action-sm
Not open for further replies.