Piranha 3DD


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From iwatchstuff.com:

'Piranha 3DD' Trailer Brings Glorious Stupidity, Brings Ving Rhames His Legs


It's a disservice to you for me to describe anything that takes place within the following trailer for Piranha 3D's upcoming sequel, Piranha 3DD. But just in case you're not going to watch it, let me explain what you are missing:
- Water-certified strippers.
- David Hasselhoff recoiling from an overweight woman.
- David Hasselhoff re-enacting famous Jaws shot.
- A piranha crawl up inside a girl and emerge during coitus to bite a guy's penis (I think?).
- Gary Busey biting the head off a piranha and spitting it at the camera.
- Ving Rhames requesting someone fetch him his legs. And by "legs," he means the rifles he attaches to his pelvis to shoot at fish.
You are quite foolish to be missing those things.