Play Team Fortress 2 Next Week......


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.....but you have to do a pre-purchase of the Orange Box first.

To me this is a no-brainer. I hate these carrot-on-a-stick deals (Crysis MP beta started yesterday for people who are "Founders Club" members at Fileplanet) but I'm buying EP 2 regardless if theres a fucking category 5 Hurricane hitting on launch day. Might as well take advantage of the deal. :action-sm

whats that saying? "When ra*pe is inevitable, you may as well relax and try to enjoy it"? :icon_wink


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This is the best deal in gaming, ever. My pc sucks, so I have been holding out to buy this for Half Life 2 alone! Looks like I will be taking a couple of days off from work next week.


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What if you already have Half-life 2 and Episode 1?
Also do forget about Fortress Forever a free HL2 Team Fortress Mod coming out sept 17

Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress mod for Half-life 2's Source Engine. Our independent team is creating this mod entirely from scratch.

Fortress Forever should please those who have stuck with or been a part Half-life: TFC over the years while at the same time doing more for new TF players than any prior Fortress attempt.

Fortress Forever will be free to those who purchase Half-life 2.

It's finally here, on September 17th Fortress Forever will be officially released. A server package will be made available one day prior. Prepare to get your frag on!

Edit: Just an addendum; i'm sure you've heard that TF2 has now announced they will release on the same date, so we are looking at getting this in your hands sooner than September 17th to ensure everyone will get some time to play before the beheamoth comes.

We have a few bits of random media to go with the announcement, but admittedly all of our energies these past few weeks have been on getting our areas locked down and stable so we could make a solid announcement.

While this was happening Planethalflife recently wrote an exclusive preview on the mod, you can check it out here. Keep a lookout for an interview with them over the next few days.
You can but you wont be able to pre order it once Oct 9 rolls around you can get anything you want through steam tf2,portal,ep2 ect...

Price break down on steam separate is:
HL2 EP2: 29.95
Portal: 19.95
TF2: 29.95

So i think the 45$ for the Orange box is still a bargin plus you get to play TF2 early. What some people don't realize is the 45$ is for EP2-TF2-Portal the hl2 and ep1 are tossed in free to get people up to speed hell just give tham away to a buddy.


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Will TF2 be playable on consoles? My current PC won't be able to handle it I don't think.


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Forever Fortress is great.. however, I'm constantly getting an engine error (or something of the sorts) that afterwards, everything slows to a crawl, and i can't start WoW...
played around 4hrs of fortress forever today, pretty fun just a few minor annoyances. and you can tell most people don't know what the heck to do on the cap/defend maps... i went thru and capped all 4 points on cornfield w/o dieing and hardly seeing anyone on an almost full 22/22 server hehe.


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Only problems I have are the spies being overpowered against engineers and the damage being too low on all the classes. Other than that it should be fun to goof around in it until TF2 comes out.


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Played Fortress Forever last night and I gotta say I'm impressed. The game plays like a retail product instead of a-work-in-progress. Very fast like the original Quakeworld mod instead of the slower TFC style.

They released last night around six-ish and at 10 p.m. when I went on there were already over 100 servers that were nearly full.

It'll be very interesting to compare the server numbers between FF and TF2 a year from now.

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Ive been impressed. Definately faster paced than TFC, and I agree about spies needing a minor beating with the ol nerf bat. I LOVE that Pyros feel more useful now, although I wish their incindeary cannon was more like the old TFC one - a rocket instead of a more mortar like round. The HWG is a HOSS, but Ive still gotten my ass beat (albeit rarely) me lighter classes like a medic. Concs fuck a HWG up big time.
Im looking forward to getting some time in on Dustbowl, Warpath (although I havent looked yet to see if Warpath made it in) and 2fort. Rock is another one I miss.
2fort and rock aren't out yet for FF. was playing some on the pestgaming FF server today, good times.... good times! :D
Well Fortress Forever took a bit of time getting my class configs all working again but all is well now the game is real fun so far not to many bugs and for me it runs great on my comp.

P.S. my ingame name is C-W say hi if ya see me.........
ggs to whoever i was playing with earlier tonight with OnA pest tags on - 2 guys i think (my ingame name was teatime).... we destroyed on well 16-1.... lol

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I was there for that one. Too bad I got one of the random disconnects near the end of the round. Oh well.


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Maps in the pre-load are...

Gravel Pit

They'll be adding new maps and modes in patches. Steam seems to be getting its own 360-like achievement thingie and a persistent stats system.