Please explain

I am confused here with this ratings mumbo jumbo. I heard O&A's explination today and i just found some things hard to believe. Could someone please explain what they where saying?


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From my understanding their rating went down significantly. What they were saying is it was bullshit. I don't think I am answering your questions though. I am sure stingray can give ya a good explanation.


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what they were trying to say was that one rating book is not accurate to tell anything. That the media knows that, and they should wait for a couple of rating books and average it and that would be more accurate intead of trashing the shows that went down, like howard and them.
Howard has nothing to do with there ratings going down. Granted he does alot things behind the scenes to keep them quiet but O&A always have put on a good show even when they dont get the A list guests.
Maybe there was a screw up in the ratings this time around or maybe some people are tunning out who knows the real truth. But we will see what happens next ratings book.


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People make mistakes. Businesses make bigger mistakes.
That is also very true SOS. Im not trying to sound negative or against anyone its just strange that this happened to the ratings book. Also the last few months i know for a fact that people have been listening to less of the show for whatever there reasons are i dunno.