Please help (for Lilly on myspace)

PLEASE help and repost as many times as you can. Mike was last seen in downtown Breckenridge, CO Friday 1:18 am.

PLEASE repost this bulletin and help my friends... Thank you!


As you may have heard, we're desperately searching for our beloved friend Michael Barbiere who has been missing in Colorado since last thursday. At this point our goal is to gain maximum exposure in attempt to find anyone who might know anything about Michael's whereabouts or disappearance.
I ask you to please take this bulletin & repost it as often as you can so that we can try to reach more people & find our friend. If you would please just take a second of your time, Michael's friends and family would greatly appreciate your help. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you....

Glenn Dandy

LIL MORE INFO IF YOU CAN FLEA...... Looks? Height?????

Posting on Myspace now.