Please keep me in your prayers


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I would like all of you guys to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. My 5 yr old son had 2 seizures on Saturday morning and we called 911 and went to the ER. They did a CAT scan and complete blood workup to find nothing. We will be taking him to a pediatric neurologist over the next few weeks for some further testing. he has been fine the past few days and I just want to get as many people praying for us as possible...thanks


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Sorry to hear this.

Best wishes for you and your family.

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Holy mother fuck. One more wackbagger and their family in my prayers. Thoughts are with you and yours Bam
I'm right across the river from you.. if you need anything just PM me

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If its any consolation heres my medical advice Bam... I had epelepsy when i was lil....

#1 i took medicin that helped alot.

#2 i swear i got better after i moved out of this old house we lived in. ( lead paint")

#3 totaly outgrew it or whatever by 12 years old.

I would recomend blood anylasis for toxic metals.

lead, mercury etc.


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Madbam, very sorry to hear this. I hate to hear about sick children. I hope he will be ok


Best of Luck to Ya , Brother


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Ohh God, that's terrible. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Good luck..Let us know if you need anything..


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Did he have a fever that came on quickly? Some kids are susceptible to febrile seizures, where a fever spikes very quickly and causes seizures.

Hope hes doing ok.
Wow Bam I'm sorry to hear that. Thoughts are definitely with you and your son!
I hope everything works out, B.

Your family is in our prayers.

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I'm over here now.
My daughter, when she was two, suffered from febrial (SP?) seizures. The first real bad one she stopped breathing. I feel where you are coming from. If the police did not get here as quick as they did (maybe one minute? It was amazing) we could have lost her. Luckily, after five days in Schneider's Children's Hospital, they said there was no real problem, and that 90% of the children who have this grow out of it by five. They did have her on some major medication for those three years called Tegrital, and we kept some thing that looked like a syringe that delivered valium rectally in event of a seizure. In the end, they went away. I hope you have the same luck.
Real sorry to hear this. Hope your boy is ok.
not only are you in my prayers, but i'll light a candle at church for you brother.


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You and your family will be in my prayers. I hope everything works out. Best wishes, for you and your family.