Please Keep Supporting O&A By Opposing ALL Censorship: Rally THIS FRIDAY for Imus

Apr 28, 2006

PAC Members and O&A Fans Generally, please show up this Friday to support Don Imus and oppose his wrongful firing. This a great way to show Al Sharpton, Special Interest Groups and more importantly, the corporations that control the media, that you don't want them to give in to politically correct radio.

Remember!!! Radio shouldn't have to be NICE!!!!

I-fans heading to NYC on Fri 6/29: Meeting at the TODAY Show at 6:30-7am... Arrive 6am if you can help to get a good spot... "bring your Pro Imus Message keep it short and fun"... Dress up as your favorite Imus character... Or pick up an Imus t-shirt(heard they're already being sold in Central Park)... PTB's shirts here... Sign up with this Yahoo Group to help plan or send email here to contact the organizers. More updates here as they come in...


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
Jan 30, 2005
I won't be there but I do have all my fingers & toes crossed that CBS gets brutally :rap:d in the lawsuit, if that counts for anything. :)


Registered User
Apr 22, 2005
Mike and the Mad Dog said that they are going to pay tribute to Imus on their Friday AM show (20th anniversary) and hinted at a "special guest appearance".


Fuck ALL Forms of Censorship
Apr 16, 2007
How long until Downtown Dave complains that this protest didn't come soon enough, isn't big enough, blah blah blah?

Good work, as usual, Deb. I'm in Nashville right now so can't make it. Good luck!!!


Excuse me Sir could you please pick up my piggies?
Apr 19, 2007
Wish I worked in the NYC area to attend some of these. You are doing phenominal work Deb. Keep it going. You have my support.


Opie & Anthony for presidents
Jan 30, 2007
Why would anyone do this? Imus is a racist piece of shit and he deserved his firing.

Apr 28, 2006
Because you're not supporting Imus, you're supporting the right to be on the radio and be a dick.