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Speaking as a life long yankee fan I hope opie either picks the mariners to win or doesnt say anything. New York needs some good a world series title!
He did pick them yesterday[in a round-about way]. Welcome aboard Johnny, now there's two Yanks fans here. Me & you. lol


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with the bad luck of opie he may pick the yanks


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He knows that his New York fans would cringe if he said that.


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Why thank you for the welcome SOS its nice to know im not the only Yankee fan here. Did anyone notice that as soon as Opie said "Oh look Pettite is pitching a no hitter" the Mariners got a hit. I'm NOT kidding. This whole curse thing is kinda scary


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It is 3-2 Yankees now. :eek:


All we need now is for him to pick them 2 more times.YANKEES WIN THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN :D


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I was hoping Opie was going to pick the Yankees today. I was just waiting for: "Well, it's 2-0 and the Yanks look unbeatable right now" The phones would have lit up with pissed off Yankees fans. He should have done it. :D
I think Opie actually did pick the Mariners behind the scenes. He keeps alluding to the fact that they are a "good team" props to him for sticking by his original pick (WHEW!)
One more game to win !!!! too bad Ill be at monday night football tonight at Giants Stadium....LETS GO YANKS!!!!!!!


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I'm a yankee fan too, now theres only 2 sheesh, always forgetting the girls!


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The yanks did a great job last night. I was screamin at the tv when Bernie hit the 2 run homer!!

Yeah, I'm just wonderful Johnny (yeah right). But for some reason lately, I feel like I've been on the island of forgotten toys.
I dont know why you'd be on that island with those qualities....whats wrong with these people