PNC Show Punchline Mag: The stand-up comedy champions give us more reasons to laugh


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Opie is wearin' one of my favorite t-shirts!


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Oh boy. O&A wanted to take next summer off. Now they have the stand up community depending on them. Now they can't take it off.


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Wow, a positive article for a change. Holy shit !

Its funny that they mentioned the little videos, too, because No Filter Paul shitting in the diaper got one of the loudest reactions of the night, as did both Pat Duffy vids. The premiere of the Justine Jolie spanking was great, too.


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Fuckity fuck fuck! :icon_evil I so wanted to go, but couldn't get a godamn ride!


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Opie and Anthony’s Traveling Virus Tour: The stand-up comedy champions give us more reasons to laugh

Whether you’re familiar with the Opie and Anthony Show, never heard of it, love it or hate it, you can’t deny what it’s doing for stand-up comedy— and that is creating a level of excitement – not to mention and amazingly unique type of excitement for the art form – not felt in a long time— or at least not since the inaugural run of the Traveling Virus Tour last summer.

As only one stop remains – Sept. 15 in Camden, NJ – the Virus tour arrived at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on Aug. 25, where its participants produced a rock ‘n’ roll infused comedy show for 12,000 anxious fans.

With a rotating cast of well-known comics offering the obvious main events of the night in each city – this night featured Rich Vos, Bob Kelly, Otto & George, Patrice O’Neal, Bob Saget, Louis CK, Lewis Black and of course, O&A third mic man Jim Norton – the tour excels at giving its ticket holders a truly memorable event.

Before the show, thousands of fans milled about the O&A village (the area of the arts center after you cross the main parking lot but before you get to the amphitheater), where a Drown-the-Clown booth was always busy with eager pitchers, the Stress Factory was peddling incentives to go to their comedy club in New Brunswick, NJ, sideshow performers tried to knock a cigar out of a guy’s mouth without knocking is head off his torso and Norton was signing his New York Times best seller Happy Endings and posing for pictures.

As the crowd made their way to their seats (or their patches of lawn) they were treated to two strippers flanking the giant stage, dancing to Motley Crue, Kid Rock and the like.

In addition to the comedy, fans were enjoyed to huge-screen-projected O&A show highlights featuring the show’s twisted cast of characters: they saw No Filter Paul shitting an oversized diaper, intern Pat Duffy brushing his teeth with dog feces, Pat from Moonachie spewing what seemed like gallons of fire-hose projected vomit onto Duffy’s face and E-Rock leaving an amazingly detailed red handprint on Penthouse Pet Justine Joli’s ass after slapping her mighty hard.

In the end, these things were just hilarious respites between stellar stand-up comedy, which we’re actually not going to review here; click around for a few minutes on Punchline Magazine and you’ll see interviews and reviews on most of the aforementioned comics. Suffice it to say, O&A doesn’t invite shitty acts on the road with them.

For those not obsessed with stand-up comedy, a tour like this exposes even the most reluctant to excellent comedy. Even those uninterested in stand-up would love a show like this—if not for the comedy but for the sense of community the Virus tour promotes. And for those truly dedicated fans of stand-up, a show like this only reinvigorates their passion for the art. Sure, you could see half a dozen comedy shows in a month, but not one of them compares to a spectacle like this.

Through their friendships with some of the country’s best comedians, the constant presence of those comics on their show throughout the year and the Virus tour – which will hopefully continue to be a yearly event – Opie and Anthony continue to be – whether purposeful or not – two of the biggest champions for stand-up comedy.


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Good article. Finally someone gives them credit for the good stuff
instead of focusing on the ancient bullshit.