Point and Laugh Friday stories

I'll go first. I was driving home from work during one of those hot-as-fuck Atlanta days when I noticed a girl, who had perviously led me on then blown me off, waiting at a bus stop with the other riff raff. I pointed and laughed hysterically. Get a car stupid; you're in your mid twenties.

Next? Maybe someone saw an old person tumble out of their wheelchair or a little kitten get ran over in the street and had to point and laugh?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
oh we make a game of it, there is a No left turn sign out in front of my shop. well theres 7 no left turn signs, but for some reason people insist on making lefts out of the street which is very very dangerous, sooooo, the local pd likes to sit in our driveway and write tickets, ill lean on the police car wait till the jack ass makes the left point and laugh when my buddy (the cop) walks out into the street stopping cars and writes tickets..... the other day, i was driveing a car back from the station (fully marked) and some dumb cunt on a cell phone decided that she wanted to make a left, there were 10 police officers standing 20ft away, im in a marked car, she still wanted to make the left, i lit her up and two cops walk over and tell her that she cant make a left and theres a police car right behind her, the fucking TWAT started to argue with the cop and refused to hang up her cell phone, it was hilarious.