Police: Clown tried to solicit sex at rest area


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He threw out narcotics, even though there is no evidence he threw out narcotics.

October 25, 2012
Police: Clown tried to solicit sex at rest area

By Dave Rogers Staff Writer The Salem News
DANVERS — Police say a nude man who works as a clown and children’s entertainer was arrested yesterday morning after jumping into a tractor-trailer at a Rowley rest stop off Interstate 95 and soliciting the male driver.
According to state police, James Vosolo, 46, of Danvers surprised the truck driver Tuesday evening just before midnight, hopping naked into his truck cab and asking him if he wanted to have sex. Vosolo is employed by Total Entertainment of Danvers, state police said.
A state police official said the truck driver called police after feigning interest and suggesting they meet up at the Seabrook, N.H., rest stop. Trooper Michael Caranfa responded to the call and attempted to pull Vosolo over. Vosolo proceeded to throw items, which police believed to be narcotics, out of his car before stopping alongside the highway in Salisbury. No narcotics have been recovered.
Vosolo was wearing only thong underwear when Caranfa approached. Vosolo was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, assault and battery, failure to stop for police, a marked lanes violation, and disorderly conduct. According to police, he allegedly grabbed the truck driver after entering his cab.
A search of Vosolo’s vehicle resulted in the seizure of several sex toys, Halloween masks and head lamps. He is expected to be arraigned today at Newburyport District Court. According to state police, Vosolo has no previous convictions.
A representative of Total Entertainment said yesterday that Vosolo is no longer employed there but had previously worked as a tent installer and truck driver. When asked if he had also worked as a children’s entertainer, the representative would not comment.
On Vosolo’s LinkedIn profile, he lists himself as an event manager for Total Entertainment. Over the years, Vosolo has attended numerous functions across the state dressing up as Uncle Sam, Elvis Presley and other characters. Various photos online show him dressed as a clown, marching in a Swampscott parade and posing with Red Sox legend Bill Lee at a community event in Ipswich.
Since 1992, Total Entertainment has provided clowns, mimes, magicians, pirates, stilt walkers and other entertainers for birthday parties, festivals and events. They also offer bounce houses, table games, costumes, disc jockeys and sports inflatables.
Over the years, clients have included the Massachusetts State Police, Verizon, Partners Healthcare and Fidelity Investments. Total Entertainment is at 123 Liberty St. and is owned by Danvers resident Richard Kraby.
In 2009, Vosolo was the subject of a background check by the Essex County Probation Department after he agreed to allow a former Salem resident, Nicholas Pratt, who was accused of shaking his then-6-month-old son, to live with him. Pratt also worked at Total Entertainment, and Vosolo was listed in court documents as his supervisor.
Every day, thousands of motorists, including families, truck drivers and commuters, stop at one of the dozens of rest areas that dot the Massachusetts highway system. Rest stops and truck weighing stations are also popular places for men and women to engage in sexual activity, according to state police.
Ensuring that motorists can safely grab a bite to eat, use the restrooms or take a quick nap without fear is a priority of the state police. To curb such activity, state police cruisers regularly patrol the network of rest stops and truck stations looking not only for those having sex but selling or using drugs, drinking in public, and other illegal or illicit behavior, Procopio said.
“People know the state police are nearby,” Procopio said.
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What's black and white and red all over?
Yeah, I did a search because I remember seeing other clown posts recently. Any time they can get a clown off the streets, it is a win for society.
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