Police find 2nd body part after foot mailed to Tory HQ

Ottawa police say they have found a second body part in a package as they investigate the delivery of a human foot to the Conservative Party of Canada's headquarters in downtown Ottawa.

Police would not say what the body part was, nor where it was found, though they did say it was not found at the Conservative Party offices on 130 Albert St. where the foot was sent.

Media reports said the second package, containing a human hand, was not addressed to the Tory headquarters. Police said the major crime unit continues to investigate.

Police were called to the building at 11:20 a.m. ET after a suspicious package was delivered there. Police called for the hazardous materials unit after they noticed what appeared to be blood on the package.

The Hazmat Unit and Emergency Operations Section inspected the package and determined that there was possibly a human foot in the box. A coroner later confirmed it was a human foot.

Package delivered through Canada Post

Major Crimes Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt said the suspicious package was delivered through Canada Post and conceded it's possible it was sent as a "gruesome message."

The foot was decomposing and there was a stench when a CPC employee opened it, said Pirt. He would not say whether the foot belonged to a male or female.

Police found the second package in the course of the investigation, but would not reveal any more details.

Police are working with Canada Post to determine the origins of the packages and said they may also be in touch with morgues and funeral homes to see if they are missing any body parts.

A hazardous materials team was called to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa after what looked like blood was found on a package.
(Rene Hardy/CBC)Ottawa police are also checking to see if their case is connected with an RCMP investigation in Montreal after police there found a human torso in a pile of garbage in the Côte-des-Neiges borough.

News shocks MPs

Sgt. Steve Hodgson said Conservative Party staff members were shaken up by the incident.

Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said Ottawa police are investigating and all questions should be referred to them.

Several members of Parliament said they were caught off guard by the news.

"It's shocking for somebody to do that," said Labour Minister Lisa Raitt. "I'd hate to be the one opening that."

And it gets better...

Porn actor with Homolka links suspect in body parts case

Porn actor Luka Magnotta has been named as a suspect in sending a human hand and foot through the mail, discovered in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Magnotta has been linked in the past as having had a romantic involvement with sex killer Karla Homolka.

Montreal police have issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant 29-year-old, who also goes by the name Eric Clinton Newman.

Five years ago, the self-described male model and adult film performer, who boasts of having an addiction to cosmetic surgery, was linked romantically to the school-girl killer, which he vehemently denied to QMI Agency at the time.

“I want to set the record straight,” he told QMI in 2008. “I not only have never dated Karla, I have never even met her.”

The body parts found in the mail in Ottawa on Tuesday are believed to be from a male whose dismembered torso was discovered tossed out with garbage in Montreal.

The horrific case is now being investigated by Montreal police, with assistance from detectives in Ottawa.

The torso was found stuffed in a suitcase and left among a large pile of garbage outside a building in the Snowdon neighbourhood.

The caretaker of the Place Lucy building found the body on Tuesday morning after receiving complaints about a strong smell coming from a garbage pile.

The janitor said the suitcase had been there for at least a week.

New “investigative elements that point to the identification of a suspect,” were announced by Simon Delorme, a spokesman for Montreal Police, late Tuesday. “A close analyses of the scene revealed a lot of information.”

While Montreal police were investigating the torso, two equally horrifying discoveries were being made in mailed packages in two separate Ottawa locations. Wednesday morning, police confirmed both packages, one containing a severed human foot, the other a human hand, had originated in the Montreal area.

The severed foot was found Tuesday morning at the 130 Albert St. headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada. A CPC staffer made the gruesome discovery after partially opening a box in the day’s mail delivery.

The staffer was overwhelmed by a horrid stench, and immediately alerted police.

Once it was determined that the bloodstained package contained human remains, the Ottawa Police Major Crimes unit was called in. Late Tuesday, police carried a yellow bag out of Tory headquarters and confirmed a human foot was in the box.

Later Tuesday, Ottawa police investigators confirmed the discovery of the second body part, a human hand. Police have not said where it was being sent to, but the package was discovered at an Ottawa Canada Post facility.

Sources told QMI Agency an “alert postal worker” noticed the package because of its markings and a putrid stench. Police wouldn’t confirm the markings were a hand-drawn heart - nor would they confirm whether notes were sent with the decomposing limbs.

The discovery left many workers shaken, and their unease had not abated on Wednesday. Postal workers at the sorting plant called the discovery of human body parts disturbing.

“It’s a little unsettling,” said one employee. “Personally, I don’t like it.”

Security guards roamed the perimeter of the facility on Wednesday, which appeared to be running business as usual. Several postal workers, including workers at another nearby Canada Post property, said they had been ordered not to talk to media.

One worker talking to media on Wednesday was ordered away by a loud security guard and left.

Police have not speculated or commented on what might have happened to the other missing limbs, or the victim’s head.


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It's a banner week for psychotic murderers.


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Interpol is looking for him. The Canadian's believe he fled the country.
31 May 2012

INTERPOL issues Red Notice for suspected Canadian killer

LYON, France – At the request of Canadian authorities INTERPOL has today issued a Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, for Luka Rocco Magnotta who is suspected of killing a man and posting body parts to various locations around Canada.

29-year-old Magnotta, who is also known as Eric Clinton Newman or Vladimir Romanov, is believed to have fled the country and INTERPOL has circulated the Red Notice in all four official languages, Arabic, English, French and Spanish to its 190 member countries.

INTERPOL Red Notices serve to communicate to police worldwide that a person is wanted by a member country and request that the suspect be placed under provisional arrest pending extradition.

Further enquiries relating to the investigation should be directed to the Canadian authorities.

I saw the video. Absolutely creepy as fuck. Like the nine inch nails Broken video, only real.
Here's how some of the ghouls on the shock sites helped the police identify this fruit.



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A severed foot mailed to Tory HQ? Dude, the revolution's been over for 229 years.


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I wonder if he will strike again, and if he wanted to really be a serial killer, he fucked up fairly quick.
More Info

Cannibal on run after warning The Sun: I can’t stop killing

- We alerted cops but they did nothing
- Cops say Magnotta flew to Europe
- He may be disguised as a woman
- Victim is Magnotta's 'gay lover'

THE hunt for a cannibal killer suspect has spread to Europe — months after The Sun warned Scotland Yard that he was dangerous.

We showed cops sick film of a live KITTEN fed to a snake and an email warning: “Once you kill and taste blood it’s impossible to stop.”

Luka Magnotta, 29, fled after his male partner - a missing Chinese student - was chopped up and eaten in Canada.

Today cops said Magnotta flew to Europe on Saturday and refused to rule out that he was not in England.

French cops have said they are actively hunting for him across the Channel.

Magnotta is believed to have written a chilling email to The Sun saying: “I’ll be back — and this time the victims won’t be animals.”

The terrifying message was sent after we quizzed him in London six months ago over the kitten torture video.

We warned the Met Police then of our fears he would go on to kill — but they DROPPED the case, saying it was outside their jurisdiction.

Last night the twisted gay porn star was being hunted across the world after a severed hand and a foot were mailed to the offices of two political parties in Canada

Today a former transexual girlfriend of the Magnotta told how the suspected killer was obsessed with Madonna and James Dean - and would "do anything to be famous".

And Interpol issued a “Red Notice” most wanted persons alert for Magnotta to its 190 member countries.

Police also said Magnotta could even be travelling secretly disguised as a WOMAN.

The headless male torso was found in a suitcase dumped in rubbish behind Magnotta’s shabby apartment in Montreal.

Cops today said Magnotta's victim is Chinese student Lin Jun, 33, and that body parts were still missing.

Jun - from the east-central Chinese city of Wuhan - was last seen on May 24 and was reported missing on Tuesday.

Today at a press conference Canadian cops said Magnotta took a flight from Montreal to Europe on Saturday May 26.

They believe he carried out the murder between May 24 and 25.

But police in Canada refused to say what identity he flew under.

Marie-Élaine Ladouceur, a spokeswoman for Montreal Police, also added that Magnotta was “definitely” in Europe.

Victim ... Chinese student Lin Jun

And she did not rule out he was back in England.

She told The Daily Mail: “I can't confirm that he is in England, but he is most definitely in Europe."

Meanwhile a French police official believes Magnotta flew to Paris before the case emerged.

Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere said the fugitive could be disguising himself as a woman.

He said: “What will hinder him the most is what he used to glorify himself, the web, with all the photos we have of him."

He added that Magnotta was someone who can disguise himself, he can change into a woman, wear a wig"

Last night the baby-faced weirdo was placed on the FBI and Interpol “Most Wanted” lists — as police discovered a grisly video thought to be live footage of the murder.

The ten-minute film shows the victim being stabbed in a frenzy with an ICE-PICK, before being dismembered, sexually abused and his flesh EATEN with a knife and fork. We investigated bisexual Magnotta, 29, when he was in Britain last December after the vile kitten video was posted on the internet.

Two days later a misspelled email was sent to The Sun.

It told of the writer’s love for London and warned: “Well, I have to say goodbye for now. But don’t worry, in the near future you will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won’t be small animals. I will however, send you a copy of the new video I’m going to be making. You see, killing is different than smoking... with smoking you can actually quit.

Email ... last December

“Once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.”

Our reporters were convinced it was from Magnotta.

We had spoken to him after running a story on December 3 about a video showing a tiny black bundle of fur being fed to a PYTHON.

In another film, a second kitten was callously suffocated inside a plastic food bag. We were told creepy Magnotta was behind the sick footage. He turned up unannounced at our offices on December 8 to wrongly complain we were harassing him.

He strongly denied he was responsible despite being shown photos of him posted on the internet showing him holding a kitten and a Burmese python identical to those in the videos.

He was later evicted from his room above a pub in Wembley for not paying his bill and disappeared. Two days later the email arrived at two addresses used by readers to contact us.

It was written under the name John Kilbride, one of the child victims of Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

That choice instantly rang alarm bells — because of its links to background music used in one video as a kitten was killed.

The track was Little Drummer Boy, the same song heard on a tape made by Brady as he tortured and murdered Lesley Ann Downey.

We told cops at Limehouse, East London, of our fears over the cat videos and the email. Reporter Alex West gave a statement and later handed them a dossier of evidence.

Weird ... message found by cops scrawled on a wall inside wardrobe at flat

Last night, a Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed detectives had started a probe — but dropped it when it emerged the email had been sent from a computer based in the Netherlands and the videos posted online in North America.

The spokesman admitted: “We did not liaise with the authorities abroad. It had not been possible to glean information regarding any specific locations within North America or the Netherlands and as such there was no specific local force to pass any intelligence to.”

Magnotta’s movements after December 8 are not known, meaning he could easily have left for Holland and sent the email from there before later jetting to Canada.

Cops say Magnotta, who uses the aliases Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman and Vladimir Romanov, settled in a grubby apartment in Montreal.

The former stripper, who has no criminal record, was a model tenant according to his landlord. But police swooped on his flat on Tuesday after a cleaner found a case containing the torso outside among a pile of rubbish bags.

Inside, cops found what looked like blood on a shower curtain, blood-soaked sheets and a message scrawled on a wall inside a wardrobe: “If you don’t like the reflection, don’t look in the mirror. I don’t care.”

The victim’s foot was sent to Conservative Party HQ in the capital, Ottawa, while one of his hands was sent to the Liberal Party’s HQ.

Canadian Conservative spokesman Fred DeLorey said: “It was such a horrible odour.” A note reportedly found with the foot claimed a total of SIX body parts had been posted — and warned the murderer would strike again.

Police confirmed they had found a grisly video that could be of the murder taking place.

The ten-minute film, titled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick”, shows a man having his throat slashed to New Order’s True Faith, which was also the soundtrack to serial killer movie American Psycho. It was posted several days ago on a sick “snuff” website.

Meanwhile today a Canadian transexual claimed she had a three-week affair with the suspected killer – who chillingly boasted he would do "anything to be famous."

Nina Arsenault told how she met Magnotta when he was just 18 and working as a stripper.

Nina said: "I first met him as Angel, but then he told me his real name is Luka and he also referred to himself as Rocco.

"He was my very first lover after I started living as a transsexual.”

Arsenault called Magnotta "very manipulative" and a "pathological liar".

She told Toronto’s CityNews: “He would joke about killing animals. He would joke about killing people, that he wanted to kill his family.”

Arsenault also said Magnotta used methamphetamine, was fascinated with James Dean and Madonna, and would PUNCH himself in the head while showering.

"He said, 'I'm afraid when you look in my eyes ... that you'll see that there's nothing inside of me.' "

"To me he was a f****d up kid."

Canadian cops also confirmed he had previously dated a paedophile serial killer, Karla Homolka.

Commander Lafreniere said: “This wasn’t a random act. The two were a little more than friends. All our indications are that the two body parts are linked to our homicide here. We are waiting for DNA confirmation.” He added: “This guy is a wacko. I’d have trouble sleeping at night if the suspect was in my neighbourhood.”

Last night police said Magnotta, thought to be bi-polar, had probably fled Canada for Europe.

And it emerged he wrote a guide on a blog in 2009 about how to vanish without a trace.

A relative of Magnotta said: “He hurt us when he was younger and we haven’t been in contact with him in a while.”
Not posting the picture of the python wrapped around the kitten...


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They caught him in a Berlin cyber cafe, looking at news stories about himself.
***Follow Up***

Jun Lin's Head May Have Been Found In Montreal

TORONTO -- Police found what appears to be a human head in a park in Montreal and are investigating whether it is the missing head of a Chinese student who they say was dismembered by a Canadian porn actor, an official said Sunday.

A police official said it appears to be a human head. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the details.

Luka Magnotta is accused of dismembering his lover Jun Lin and mailing the body parts to political parties and schools. He pleaded not guilty last month. Lin's head is the only remaining body part unaccounted for.

Montreal police spokesperson Anie Lemieux said investigators made their way to Park Angrignon on Sunday afternoon after the major crimes unit received a tip. The park is located a few miles (kilometers) south of Magnotta's apartment.

Lemieux said they must wait for tests results over the next few days to confirm if there is any link and whether it is in fact a body part.

Police have been questioning Magnotta with the hope that they would find out the location of the head. The family of Lin has been seeking closure.

Investigators say Magnotta, 29, posted a video online showing him having sex with the dismembered corpse. A second, unedited version of the video seen by police shows him eating parts of the body. Police say Magnotta and Lin were in a relationship.

The case became known when a package containing a severed foot was found at Canada's ruling Conservative Party headquarters on May 29. That same day, a hand was discovered at a postal facility, addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Lin's torso was found in a suitcase at a garbage dump in Montreal outside Magnotta's apartment building.

About a week later, a missing foot and hand were found mailed to two schools in Vancouver. Police said notes were included in most of the packages but declined to say what they said.

Magnotta, who fled to Europe before the body was discovered, spent a few days partying in Paris before moving on to Berlin, where he was caught last month as he read stories about himself at an Internet cafe. He did not contest his extradition from Germany and arrived in Montreal last month on a Canadian military plane.

Lin's family arrived in Montreal last month and attended a memorial service last week. Lin, 33, studied computer science student at Montreal's Concordia University.