Police find 50+ homemade bombs in Ontario home


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Almost 60 people ordered from their homes in Barrie, Ont. will not be able to return until mid-week, at the earliest, as investigators continue to uncover dozens of explosives at a house in the area, police say.

Approximately 50 explosive devices have been found so far at at the residence on Virgilwood Crescent, said Barrie police Sgt. Tim Conroy. At about 1.30 p.m., police conducted a controlled detonation of all the explosives uncovered today, and officers have since returned to the house to continue their search, he told the National Post in a phone interview Sunday afternoon.

Sgt. Conroy said the process is slow-moving because devices have been found “everywhere” and the police have to work their way through the residence “inch-by-inch.”

Since the search began Thursday, police have uncovered explosives “in plain sight; others, hidden; some in with other household materials,” Sgt. Conroy said.

Police say the home belongs to two men who are suspects in the 1978 slaying of a man.

Donald Feldhoff, 54, has been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of Michael Traynor, while his 75-year-old father William has been charged with being an accessory after the fact.

While police have confirmed there is a number of firearms in the basement, because of the explosives, they have not gone down to find out if they are registered, stolen or legal. It will likely be the last area police investigate, Sgt. Conroy said.

The cache of explosives, chemicals and firearms unearthed there is being handled separately from the murder investigation.

Meanwhile, Barrie police have been working with the Centre of Forensic Science to identify the various chemicals that have been pulled from the house.

“Some could be dangerous, explosive,” Sgt. Conroy said. Or, “it might just be coloured water.”

The police evacuation order has displaced 57 people from 22 homes nearby.
They just want to go home

“They call in every day,” Sgt. Conroy said. “They just want updates.”

Despite being displaced from their homes for days, residents have been very understanding of the situation, Sgt. Conroy said. Police have been escorting people in and out of the evacuation zone so people can grab what they need to go back to work Monday morning.

“Nobody’s mad,” Sgt. Conroy said. “They just want to go home.”