Police: Infant died after mother invited pedophile boyfriend to raaape child


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Dammit, Hudson, it's just that kind of misogynistic thinking that led this poor woman to believe the only way she could keep a man was by letting him fuck her child.



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Oh, and the way they wrote that shitty article, are they saying it would have been okay for her to let the dude have sex with her daughter if she didn't know he'd previously been convicted for child sex abuse? I mean, once you let someone have sex with your child, doesn't that kind of overwhelm merely letting a convicted pedo around your kid?


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1) She looks like the the guy from the Psy video with a broken jaw.
2) In a perfect Universe her daughter will rise from the grave as an adult 18 years from now, find her, and swing a lead bat across her face like Babe Ruth.

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This would be a great case study for a cause-and-effect lesson.

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Cause: Druggie Mom
Effect: Dead r@ped baby daughter.
Let's simplify it a little more accurately:
Cause: Bad mother, pedophile boyfriend
Effect: Cumsies and death
And people think the death penalty should be abolished...


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I apologize for the following comment:


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A four month old? You can't just jerk off? Maybe diddle a seven year old like a proper pedo?


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What's wrong with the 4 month Olds we got? They fuck pretty good.


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Death penalty should automatically apply to cases like this.


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Well she had it coming dressed in that onesi..


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[Uncle Paul]She was askin' for it! You can't expect a fellow to smell that Desitin and not get all turned on![/Uncle Paul]