Police: North Bend teacher wrote poems about child ****, killing


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Police: North Bend teacher wrote poems about child ****, killing

64-year-old now faces child porn charges for photos, videos

A Snoqualmie School District substitute teacher accused of collecting child pornography while penning vivid stories describing the **** and murder of children has been charged with possession of child pornography.
Filing charges earlier this month, King County prosecutors contend Theodore A. Bernstein, 64, caught the attention of North Bend police after he posted a link to a child porn website on his Facebook page.
King County investigators contend Bernstein, a resident of unincorporated King County near North Bend, contacted a State Patrol sergeant living near him after police first called him about the allegations. According to charging documents, the sergeant suggested Bernstein take responsibility for any “mistakes” he made; Bernstein then admitted to looking at child pornography.
“He said that since he was doing it in the privacy of his own home he thought it was okay, although part of him knew it was wrong,” King County Detective Chris Knudsen told the court.
Police seized Bernstein’s computers on May 11, the same day North Bend police contacted the King County Sheriff’s Office. According to charging documents, investigators subsequently found photos and videos of very young children being ***** and otherwise sexually abused by adult men.
Investigators found Bernstein had cropped and edited some of the child pornography himself, Knudsen told the court. He also wrote pedophilic poetry, stories and “ramblings,” the detective continued.
“Many of (the) writings had themes of cruelty, violence and decapitation of children,” the detective told the court. Knudsen noted one file was named “I Love me sex torture death.”
One essay included in charging documents included a detailed description of necrophilic acts perpetrated against a child apparently described by Bernstein as a “little muffin mophead.”
Jail records show Bernstein is not currently in custody. A $50,000 warrant for his arrest has been issued.
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