Police Sergeant's Exam-any advice?


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A pal of mine is taking a Sergeant's exam in a very competitive field this year, and I wanted to put it out to fellow Wackbagger's, who've been so helpful on issues as diverse as the following:

1) my wife's gall bladder
2) my not-yet-aquired tattoo
3) Webcams (boy you all were right there)
4) My new computer (which Rocks)
5) THe Fat Smash Diet (starting phase one again on Monday-we just moved, cut me a break)

And many other topics, so I figured, when in need, call on Wackbag!

So, anyone here every take a Sarge test and have any advice or books to reccommend? I'd appreciate it.



Roar. Go: Eagles, Flyers, Philles, Buckeyes, etc.
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Honestly, when it comes to those exams (and I've never been a cop, but in the military it was like this) the exam is just a go-no-go test for whether or not they're eligible for promotion, and their years in rank and years in service weighed against a rating for their review sheets is all thrown into a mathematical equation and the highest scorers get promoted.

Just study for the exam like it was the SATs, read facts from the hand books and think about whether or not it is relevant to what you should know for a test that would be given over the material, do your best on the test, and hope you win.

The process is so mathematical (in the military), that unless it's a politicized promotion like a General, Chief of Police, anything in the public eye, or a merit promotion like you saved 200 kittens from a burning ASPCA and it got caught by a news crew, they just use their math system to give out stripes.


Roar. Go: Eagles, Flyers, Philles, Buckeyes, etc.
Appreciate the insight. Studying is occurring, and i'm heling...curious if any baggers have some books or resources that they have utilized...

Keith the Cop? Any thoughts?
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I have no desire to be a Sgt. but my friends that do take that shit seriously devote months upon months to study like maniacs. They also seem to spend like three grand on prep course. I know that Larry Holtz or Bernstein are big in NJ. I am sure they have web sites with books to read on them. This is assuming it is a civil service test.

If it is a Chiefs of Police exam he should start practicing blow jobs.


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What types of questions are on a Sergeants exam? What is the subject matter?


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