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Dec 1, 2002

I posted this here because it may be a "cool website," but it is all politics and current events. There is some funny shit on this site.

Michelle, You Ignorant Slut ...
[11/06/2006 UPDATE: Six weeks after we posted this hilarity about the world’s smartest political columnist ever, she still doesn’t comprehend that a) we did not “forge” or “Photoshop” the image posted below (it was found on a Flickr gallery by a Wonkette reader and then e-mailed to us on the Internets) and b) we made no claims as to its authenticity — in fact, we comically over-qualified every reference to said image so it would be extra obvious. But now, at the behest of an alleged lawyer, we will bold all the relevant original wording that makes it abundantly clear to those familiar with the English language that we neither created nor vouched for said comical image. Malkin and her lawyer say the image is “forged,” and we have no proof to the contrary, as we made abundantly clear in this original post, which now features helpful bold type but is otherwise unchanged beyond this update. God bless America.]

Today’s “somebody might be sort of hypocritical” outrage: Michelle Malkin has a new column about the slutification of very young girls. For a Malkin column, it’s downright mainstream. Other than certain Washington Times employees and the usual cops and congressmen, nobody is particularly happy about seeing 13-year-old girls covered in cheap makeup and hair product, with their rhinestone-studded thongs riding high on their fat asses and their “Porn Star” baby-Ts making it about halfway over their french-fry-stuffed navel-pierced guts.

OK, do you want to see Malkin allegedly gettin’ skanky, spring-break style? After the jump, obviously ….

Malkin doesn’t like these young sluts flashing their skin like the basic Whore of Babylon.

And yet … there appears to be a picture of Malkin doing the “Girls Gone Wild” semi-boob flash, while cavorting about in a string bikini like a common hussy, from 1992!A Wonkette tipster sent this possibly legitimate snapshot as proof that Malkin’s the last gal who should care about asking “Where have all the good girls gone?”

Speaking of highbrow white anglo culture, Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Coriolanus” features a “Malkin” — you know, a Kitchen Slut! Like in the photo!

Where have all the good girls gone? [Michelle Malkin]

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spring break [flickr]