Poll #1 Are you done with Dave?

Are you done with Dave? (multiple choice answers)

  • Fired, Soooooooooooo Fired

    Votes: 26 27.7%
  • Yeah right, he'll be back

    Votes: 31 33.0%
  • Xm won't fire Earl, why fire Dave

    Votes: 26 27.7%
  • Fire Earl and Dave

    Votes: 20 21.3%
  • Pee in Butt

    Votes: 23 24.5%
  • Bagel Lord is a Cunt

    Votes: 16 17.0%
  • I like T.O.A.S.T.

    Votes: 14 14.9%
  • Fez gets revenge and Dave gets bloody

    Votes: 12 12.8%

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Why yes, I am an asshole, so what?
We need a poll (scroll, scroll, scroll)
"Have you just about had it with the Ron and Dave show?"

I vote Yes.
And Bagel Lord's a cunt.
Pee in my butt.
So, since Stig brought it up,let's make it a real poll. After what Dave pulled on Friday, going after Fred from Brooklyn, not listening to Ron, and then the assualt and abuse on Fez, I say it's time for Dave to go. I think many of us have grown tired of the Ron & Dave show, it's the same shit. Ron asks a question and Dave hogs the show. He lies worse than anyone on t.v or radio, he'd probably make a good politician. He claims to be such a great Catholic, yet he constantly gets the bible wrong, he swears on a bible, but he's swearing to lies. He claims to be this great Catholic, yet, in one recent show, I counted 14 times in less than one hour when he took the Lords name in vain. Guess what Dave and his fans, that means that he's breaking a commandment, ooops, there goes another that he should go to hell for. Oh but wait, Dave only believes part of the bible regarding sins, he thinks that he can take or leave them. Well, I'm a shitty Catholic, I already know I'm going to hell so maybe I'll see him there.

Note to Dave fans, "Jesus Christ" inthe manner Dave uses it is derogatory and therefore taking the Lords name in vain


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He's hard to get rid of. The last time he was kicked off the show he came back after a couple months and beat the shit out of his replacement.

Dangerous little fucker.


Why yes, I am an asshole, so what?
He's hard to get rid of. The last time he was kicked off the show he came back after a couple months and beat the shit out of his replacement.

Dangerous little fucker.
wait, you mean it wasn't a bit :arrrh:


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He has done what hes always done--act like a child and not think about shit.

General Principle requires him to leave.

He knew he shit the bed and started crying because he was scared of getting fired with a preggo wife who isnt working at home.

Theyll let him come back and he'll do it again--hes a habitual line stepper.
honestly, I don't care. I don't listen to R&F because of Dave, but everyone else seems to love him, so I guess he'll be back


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change his name to Massengil
i want him gone after this or at least keep him behind the scenes and quiet.


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I dont listen to the Ron and Fez show because of ESD.
Get rid of Dave
As much as I cant stand ESD, and would want nothing more than for him to get fired, it wont happen. Now there is the possiblilty of Human Resources getting involved. Wicky and E-Lo getting involved would definitly mean Dave is fired.


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I'm a little late to the party, considering the fact that Dave and Fez have made up. That being said, I voted fire Earl and Dave. Like I said in some of my earlier posts, both have worn on me. The 1 hour of Earl bashing, Earl calling for every white person that says something wrong to be fired, the constant screaming into the mike, and the high school stories, have taken their toll. I understand Ron has to work with the cards he was dealt, so I'm not saying that I going to stop listening. I'll just tune out whenever I hear any of the above mentioned.


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I can't fathom how Dr. Ron Bennington still manages to make an entertaining radio show with all the psychos around him.

The thing that pissed me off the most about ESD was that he took his anger at Ron and Fred and the fact that he's dealing with alcoholism/poverty/crazy manipulative pregnant wife out on the one person that has nothing to do with his problems.
The fact that Fez was on fire earlier in the show and trying really hard to be entertaining until the shot him down and spit on him made it even sadder.

Dave should be fired or atleast suspended and relocated to off air duties.


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I can't hate on Dave because he is doing exactly the shit he is supposed to. He is an idiot, and acts accordingly.
I've only recently gotten into the show within the last month. Overall, I find ESD to be pretty funny. At times I find myself yelling at the radio because he just doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, but for the most part I think there is a good dynamic between him and Ron. I wish Fez was on more than he is. I think Earl needs to be on the show much less than he is. RNF don't seem to have any patterns in their programming except that there is going to be about an hour lost on Earl a few times a week - that kind of sucks since he isn't an interesting or compelling personality.