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as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
well, anyone have one or heard anything other than bad reviews? i want to air condition my garage, problem is there is NO suitable windows for a window unit, well there is but they are steel casement hand blown glass windows that i am not destroying , and i would rather not cut a giant hole in a 100 year old stone building, for a through the wall unit. or spend 1500$ on a split system. the only viable option seems to be a portable unit, i dont really give a crap how noisy it is, since my options are swamp coolers or huge fans, its about 550 sq ft, with low ceilings. it looks like im capped out at 14k btu, i have the option of putting some curtains in to close of sections im not using. im befuddled buy the mixed reviews ive read, i have a tendency to think that they are junk. but my nature it to think that everything is junk.

so thoughts?


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Any air conditioner generates heat. Unless you have a suitable
place to run a vent hose they pretty much fight themselves.


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most people seem surprised that "portable" a/c still need to be ducted to the outside and the drain pan emptied, If you cant put one in the window (cheap) I would recommend a mini-split. Also is there any way to duct off from your house unit?


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In Asia I have seen them use a "floor standing aircon" that is about file cabinet size but maybe taller. I don't know what happens to the heat or the condensate but they cool like hell and are pretty quiet. Shove one in the corner and it would cool that garage. I remember LG and Samsung brands, but there are others.


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All, no mater what brand or style a/c systems will need a place to eject the heat it pulls from the room, all the cheap room a/c's I've seen have a flex duct that has to be run out the window or door


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The free standing units work great IMO. I can turn my 24' jobsite trailer into a refrigeration cooler in under an hour. I have the switch jambed so I don't need the drain tray and a rubber hose running through the floor and the vent out an outlet cover on the side. Whatever you do don't drain the water directly into metal drains as the ionized water eats the shit out of them. I've used the same unit in a two car garage with the door closed on the hard rubber drain hose. It's like 5-6 years old and never failed me. Forget the brand but I can look in the morning.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i dont mind cutting a small hole. as a matter of fact there is already a hole for the current heater stack that i plan on shit canning so i can vent the unit out that hole (the ones ive looked at also have heat options, i was running a small ceramic heater in there this winter and it brought the temp up enough to work, i also have a propane heater that i dont mind running. when i do install an exaust fan im going to go through the roof , i do want a split unit but right now its not in the budget, i dont mind running circulation fans to blow the ac around, i just need something to take the edge off 90deg days in philly with 90pct humidity
Be sure if you get one get one that has the inlet and outlet vent line...Otherwise it intakes room air to cool the heated condenser and ejects that air out the vent hose...however, in order to balance the air it will seek to suck air into the room from wherever it can so you get hot outer air creeping in through windows and doors to fill the room air that is being ejected.

I have a portable room air conditioner we wheel in and out of my kids room when needed. It cools the whole room in minutes but that sucking air in thing is a bitch. I would get a dual vent one next time


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
yes i was thinking that was one of the better options, once i get more of my shit together im going to take some photos of the new work space, its small but i like it, small is good for me because it will keep from me taking on too much and keep me from accumulating junk, its also easyer to heat and cool a smaller space.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Bought a twin hose 14k btu unit, should be here today its supposed to hit 90° in philly this week will be a good test for any unit


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Got it, hooked up, it cools but I only ran it for a few minuets to see if it gets cool, it got cold but I shut it down before it cooed down the entire room, put a fan near it I could instantly feel it working


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At work, one of the offices just has a freestanding household furnace with an a-coil on the top. It just blows air out of a plenum that is nothing more than a box with three register vents coming out of it. The condenser sits on the other side of the outside brick wall and they just ran the the freon lines through the wall.

I wish I could get a picture of it, it's delightfully ghetto and colder than shit.