Possible Syndications..


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Rumored to syndicated O&A:
WKRK 97.1 -Michigan http://www.wkrk.com/on_air.shtml

KYKY 98.1 -St.Louis http://www.y98.com/

KXTE 107.5 -Las Vegas http://www.xtremeradio.com/programs.shtml

KZOK 102.5 -Seattlehttp://www.kzok.com/staff1.shtml

KLSX 97.1 -Los Angeles http://www.fmtalki.com/

KZZO 100.5 -Sacremento http://www.arrow937.com/

WJFK 106.7 -Washington,D.C. http://www.1067wjfk.com/

WQYX 1010 -Tampa Bay ???? http://www.bucsradio.com/sportsradio.html
or WQYX-FM http://www.wqyk.com/

Thanks A. P.

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WJFK?! R u serious? Even for a rumor, I'd find that hard to believe! ^^


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I don't see how they can be syndicated there myself. These are just rumors. :p
True, but the other stations are mor believeable...

But then again, I'd like to see OnA open a can of whoop ass on D&M.


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Ranma Saotome,

Speaking of D&M, Did you hear me on D&M last night..... They were playing some of my old Jax tapes....

Sgt. Fury Lives!!!!


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I heard SF mentioned today, but didn't hear the station....... Did I also hear the boys were on AM??? What time are they broadcasting the show? What other shows are on that station???


They're on live from noon-4 on KYCY 1550 AM.