Post the stations that are doing the "Rocktober" bit


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I was watching SportsCenter this morining and the headline was "Rocktober" because the Rockies won. I was very upset with ESPN for putting Rocktober. Then I went on there website and it said Rocktoberfest. hahaha that's so funny. God Damn people are hacks. Then i was put on the boys this morning and the station that they were on is running a promotion thats called "Soxtober". http:// just hate people.
So people start posting your where you hear Rocktober!
If someone already covered this please remove thread.
Not a radio station, but last night during the Rockies, D-Backs game. The Rockies were doing particularly well on there way to winning the game and the series. The douchey announcer said "It sure is Rocktober!" I stopped and stared at the t.v. It gave me the douchechills.

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ever since the rockies beat the padres to get in the playoffs all of the tv stations here have been pushing the rocktober thing. it really is quite lame. I hope the rockies never ever make it to playoffs again as long as I am living in colorado.