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Do you own a snap on tool box? Because I’ve found over the years that people that say that, don’t own one.
In the photo of my tool boxes, the top box I bought used in 1992, i only ever had to replace one drawer runner, and that was my screw driver drawer and that’s it, a one time life long investment, I opened and closed those drawers hundreds upon thousands a time a year, I over loaded the drawers (the tipped over box is an example, and nothing was damaged with hundreds if not thousands of pounds of tools in them) . I have abused them not maintained them in any way except occasionaly blowing it off.
I bought a husky tool box the fucking thing fell apart within two years, and, I didn’t even use it that much, I recently bought a small side cabinet from harbor freight, I only want to put measuring and drawing tools in it I’m curious to see how long it holds up even to light use.
Yep when I had that farm used Drunky's home owner weed wacker... snapped the drive shaft cutting stumps within 3 months.

Since it was JD took it to dealer for repairs... nope they dont repair the HD JD shit.

Bought a commercial grade Stihl 9 years ago still starts on first or second pull and goes through anything. Only thing I had done was the carb adjusted and new fuel pick up. Well and spark plugs and usual consumables.

In other words (typicall) you pay for what you get.

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