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Figured I don't spend enough time in this section of Wackbag. Thought I'd come infect it with my nonsense.

Anyway, here's my contribution to the thread. I was there, saw it live. Roy Williams was the best defensive player in college football at the time. I stand by that statement.

Known among Sooner fans as simply, "The Play."



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Remember in the opening of ABC's Wide World of Sports where that skier wiped out? Well that's my favorite

My current top 3...

Beltran taking strike 3 from Adam Wainwright in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the NLCS to win the series. They go on to win the World Series against the Tigers.

David Freese's walkoff homerun in game 6 against the Rangers

And then I've always thought that this one play kind of summed up the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams from like 99-02.
Coming off the 99 Superbowl, Rams open the 2000 season in Denver. On one play, they beat the defense so bad that Torry Holt and Az Hakim are running side-by-side for like 30 yards just chatting it up with each other.



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Top 3

1) Gibson HR off of Eck in the World Series. I was 12 years old then and I remember freaking out.

2) The Jeter Flip

( I have framed autographed pictures of both of those moments in my house)

3) Ewing put back dunk against the Pacers in the 94 semi finals. I was sitting 14 rows away and the garden ERUPTED then


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Only cousin Dave knows the difference between sport and games.

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In no particular order...

First NHL game I ever got to see in person. Game 2 of the 2000 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Capitals at Penguins. Tied at 1 in OT with the Pens on the PP. Jaromir Jagr rips a wrister past Olaf Kolzig's ear for the win. Loudest crowd eruption I've ever been a part of.

Marc-Andre Fleury's save on Nick Lidstrom in the waning seconds of game 7.

Super Bowl XLIII. Roethlisberger to Holmes.


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17 years later and that call still gives me goosebumps


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God damn, that was 17 years ago? I remember being glued to the tv for every one of those Ranger games.

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One mans best is another mans worst. By the way, I was at that game. Worst seats I ever sat in, but at it. And probably the greatest single play I have ever witnessed live, was at that game. Endy Chavez's catch.

Beltran taking strike 3 from Adam Wainwright in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the NLCS to win the series. They go on to win the World Series against the Tigers.


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This is the greatest game I ever went to (maybe one of the greatest games ever played) and in culminated in with the greatest moment I have ever seen live:

1995-Don Mattingly's first postseason game

1996 World Series-Joe Girardi's triple

2001 World Series Game 5-Yankees' fans tribute to Paul O'Neil

1980 U.S. Hockey team beats the USSR

1996 NBA Finals Game 6-Micheal Jordan's game winning shot over Bryan Russell

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My favorites were all my own sports moments. I enjoyed the US beating the USSR as much as anyone but it's not even close to winning the 8th grade CYO championship.


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In no particular order...
-Miracle on Ice against the Russkies. It wasn't the gold medal game, but it was certainly the most memorable.
-Hanging out at Johnny Red Kerr's restaurant, watching the Bulls win multiple Championships.
-White Sox Scott Podsednik's walk off homer in game 2 of the 05' World series.
-Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup winning OT goal.
-1986 NFC Conference Championship - Bears 24, LA Rams 0. During the 4th quarter, it began snowing just as Richard Dent was sacking the Rams QB, and Wilbur Marshall ran it 50+ yards for the TD.

The entire crowd actually began to cheer the snow.


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wayne rooney's hat trick against west ham

gio dos santos making tim howard look like a retard in the gold cup final


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Mets/Giants game May 2007. Armando Benitez balks in the tying run then gives up the walk off to Delgado. I was at the game and the place was literally shaking. I'd heard the "shea shake" described, but that was the first and only time I experienced it.

Watching "The Drive" on TV while praying to my John Elway poster. Tebow's nice, but Elway is the only God I've ever seen walk this earth.