Powell man charged with r@ping man inside Anderson County mausoleum


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Apr 22, 2002
CLINTON — A Powell resident remains jailed today on charges he lured another man to a cemetery mausoleum, locked its door, made the victim drink alcohol and then performed oral sex on him.
The victim was "punched, slapped, scratched and choked" during the Saturday evening episode and stated "he feared for his life and never thought he would leave the mausoleum alive," according to an Anderson County Sheriff's Department incident report.
Arrested and charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, trespass or injury to cemetery property and vandalism was Charles Ronald Bean, 54, Coconut Lane. Bean remains in the Anderson County Jail today.

While Bean and the victim, 23, of Clinton were inside the Woodhaven Memorial Gardens mausoleum, 160 Edgemoor Road, Bean allegedly urinated on the walls and carpet, the report states.
Authorities learned of the incident through an E-911 call Saturday where the unidentified caller stated, "I am going to die inside the mausoleum," Deputy Robert Carroll stated.
Carroll said when he arrived, he could hear a voice inside the locked mausoleum "telling someone else to keep quiet."
After obtaining a key from a manager, the deputy said he was trying to unlock it when the alleged victim ran out from the left side of the mausoleum and yelled for help. Bean also was observed at that time.
After several commands, Bean opened the mausoleum's front door, the deputy reported.
According to the incident report, the victim gave this account:
He received a text earlier Saturday, purportedly from a woman asking that he meet her at the mausoleum.
The victim said he decided to go to the arranged rendezvous after he received a picture of a woman by text identified as "Nicole."
The victim told the deputy he went inside the mausoleum, heard someone, turned and saw Bean locking the door.
The victim said he tried to leave, and Bean pushed him back and told him "he was going to drink the alcohol and have oral sex with him or he would kill him and put him inside the mausoleum where no one would ever find him," the report states.
The victim said he was then forced to drink alcohol, and "was forced to let Bean perform oral sex on him."
The man said he was later able to call E-911 "with the hope someone would come to help him."
Bean told the deputy he had a key to the mausoleum because he had a relative there and "could be there anytime that he wanted to be there."
After his arrest, Bean complained of chest pains and was taken by ambulance to Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge for a checkup before he was taken to jail.
More details as they develop online and in Wednesday's News Sentinel.



Sep 15, 2004
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