Powell not ready to endorse Obama - This could really hurt Obama!


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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who crossed party lines to support Barack Obama four years ago, is not ready to offer an endorsement this year.
Powell, a decorated war hero held in high esteem on both sides of the political aisle, declared Tuesday that he was not willing "to throw my weight behind someone" at this time.
"I feel as a private citizen I ought to listen to what the President says and what the President's been doing,” said Powell, a Republican, during an interview on NBC’s “Today.”
“But, you know,” he continued, “I also have to listen to what the other fellow is saying. I've known Mitt Romney for many years - good man."
Powell’s endorsement was heavily sought in 2008, and his decision to not support John McCain, a former prisoner of war who made much of his military background, was viewed as a crushing blow for the Republican candidate.
Powell, the first African-American to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was long considered a likely candidate to become the first black President or Vice-President.
He declined to run, but cited history as one of the reasons he supported Obama, whom he called a “transformational figure.”
Powell recently defended Obama against those who questioned the President’s birth certificate, yet he is still weighing his options before offering another endorsement, he told the NBC show.
"I always keep my powder dry, as we say in the military," Powell said.
Powell offered a mixed review of Obama’s first-term in office.
"There are some things that he has done I wish he had not done, for example, leave Guantanamo open. I would have closed that rapidly. He tried, he was stopped by Congress," said Powell, who then praised other parts of the President’s record.
"He stabilized the financial system, he brought about stability in the economy,” Powell said. “He fixed the auto industry."
Powell, who served as Secretary of State under George W. Bush, also lauded Obama’s attempts to ratify a new missile treaty with Russia.

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If Powell were to run for office, I'd give serious consideration to voting for him. He's got a ton of integrity, and he's probably the smartest dude out there.

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The safe Joey, what's in the fucking safe?!!!!