Pownce - Similar to Facebook

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Has anybody tried Pownce? It is similar to facebook, but I guess it is suppose to be "higher class".

I have an account, but nobody I know is on it (I guess the inference is that I am lower class).

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. If anybody wants an invite, let me know.

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i was an alpha tester since its inception months ago, im on there with the same name. people keep adding me as friends but i never used it and never will. blogs, social sites, and shit like that is rediculous. go outside and get real friends. :action-sm


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good ol search feature.

i am on Pownce too.

i usually check out any site/project kevin rose is associated with, thats how i can accross it. its like a bad habit with his work, because he always has interesting and innovative ideas (revision3, digg.com, systm, the broken, etc.).

The Screen Savers (a now defunct TV show from Tech TV) is where i first heard about Kevin and his work... been a fan since.



can u invite me to pownce?