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Anyone here ever prank their friends or others with stupid shit?

When I was a kid I would make prank calls with my friends. A couple years ago I got someone twice with the frozen desktop gag.

What are some ways you've yanked someone's chain or sumthin


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Long story short, rape.


Apology Ostrich
For about five years straight I shit in the same spot in my backyard. I invited my grandma over and told her it was rocky road, she died.

Creasy Bear

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I shot my neighbor's cat and nailed it's corpse to his front door.

I'm such a prankster.
Not sure if it's a prank, but in college me and 2 other guys from high school all lived on the same floor. I roomed with one of them who worked in the mail-room.

One drunk talk led to talking about how he could go into the other one's room anytime he wanted because he had access to the master-room keys.
The other one challenged him to break in, saying it was a lie...

So one night he got the key, and a few of us took every single janitorial supply and trashcan from the 8 story dorm and put them in his room.
It was like 32 brooms, 32 trash cans, 32 mops, 32 recycling bins (8 floors, 2 wings... 2 of each. Whatever.) He could barely walk into his room.

So the next day he decided he had to return these products, and each one had 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B etc. However they were not in the correct spot to begin with, as who gives a shit what floor's mop goes to what floor.

But he sorted them all out, and took them to the right spot, it took hours.
He was bested...