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I think it was great. With him declaring the war against terrorism, his demand for international support, his support for NY, his condemnation of the Taliban, and Alkeda, and the overall feeling of the speach.

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I agree it was a great address. He told us what we wanted to hear. I for one feel alot safer in my country, when a guy can stand in front of the world and speak with so much confidence. He demanded that they turn Bin Laden and all terrorists over to America. He demanded passage to all terrorist camp's so they may be destroyed. He was not playing.

I really feel this is one step closer to the world coming together. Global peace. I just feel that no one in this world can possibly want to live their lives in fear and in constant threat. We all want to feel safe. You can't fight forever, Love lasts longer than hate. Soon the whole world will figure that out. I pray for the safety of all Americans and all the humans of the world.

On a side note: As a kid I prayed every night for the following: The safety of me, my family, and everyone in the world. Then I'd pray for an Alien invasion, so that the world can look at itself and realize we are one race, that race is human.

In my heart that was all I thought could bring the world together. If we abolish terrorism, this might be a step toward that.

Sorry for the rant. Peace and love my mothereffer's. :)


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This was a amazing speech no words can even express what our president said Tonight at 9 was speechless to me.
Also knowing so many countries around the world are right by our side on this is such a wonderful thing...
All United in One to help out and Rid these bastards for what they have done to USA and also have done to many people around the World...
God Bless