President Obama's job creation, in one chart. But Motor Head already knows this.

You're so blinded by your love for Republican cock it's laughable at this point. Not to mention you're a hypocrite and a hack to boot. Anything to further your agenda is 100% true, but when someone posts anything decidedly against your beliefs you immediately dismiss it as more progressive propaganda without even reading the article, which OAPC has shown several times. Then your use of "libtard" just bestows hack at its absolute core.

You just fucking suck in so many ways. My hate for most things conservative have grown exponentially just reading your posts.
Says the guy who has ignored my criticisms of Romney for the past 5 years. You're worse than a party hack. You're a hack with no agenda. You stand for nothing and have to make sure everyone knows that.


Liberal Psycopath
Back to the topic at hand, how do the Cons respond to the point that Bush's massive employment boom was due to a huge spike in public-sector hiring? TSA agents anybody? Maybe Obama needs to make a bunch more useless government agencies to get that unemployment rate down to Bush-era levels.