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The Honorable Judge Toler

With over twenty years of experience behind her in the practice of law, Lynn Toler brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the bench of DIVORCE COURT, the half-hour, relationship-oriented courtroom show by Monet Lane Prods., Inc. and Twentieth Television. A television classic revived for the 90’s and beyond, DIVORCE COURT features real people, real conflicts and powerful human drama in a compelling true-life courtroom setting where litigants abide by Toler’s legally-binding decisions.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Toler earned an undergraduate degree in English and American Literature from Harvard (1981) and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1984. Toler quickly established herself as one of Cleveland’s top attorneys soon thereafter, specializing in an array of civil matters. Between 1986 and 1994, she served as an arbitrator for Cuyahoga County’s Common Pleas Court.

Encouraged by many to run for Municipal Court judge in Cleveland Heights, Toler became enthusiastic about the idea, but wondered whether she had the kind of judicial appearance and stance that is appropriate for the bench. She pushed it all aside and launched a grassroots campaign in pursuit of her first public office. Toler’s determination proved to be just in 1994 when she was elected Administrative Judge in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court.

Toler quickly settled into her new role, realizing that her job "was not to prove that I’m a good judge, but to be a good judge. To be a good judge, I have to affect positive change in the people I see." During her eight year tenure, she presided over hundreds of small claims, domestic violence, homicides, assault and stalking cases. Additionally, Toler implemented "Women Talk," a judicial mentor program dedicated to motivating at-risk high school girls toward educational achievement and financial independence and personal esteem independent of male "acceptance."

In 2001, Toler stepped off her Ohio bench and headed for Hollywood after being asked to preside over the second season of Twentieth Television’s syndicated strip, "Power of Attorney." It was there that Toler got her first taste of television for which she enjoyed fully.

Toler resides in Cleveland with her husband of seventeen years and two children.

wikipedia said:
Toler served as administrative judge in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court for eight years after working as an attorney specializing in civil matters. She is a native of Columbus, Ohio. She earned an undergraduate degree in English and American Literature from Harvard (1981) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School (1984).