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Oct 4, 2004
Morris Plains, New Jersey
Did anyone watch Primetime Nascar last night on ABC. It was behind the scenes footage of Juan Pablo Montoya, Johnny Sauter, and Mark Martin. I found it pretty interesting. Although I am a bit disappointed with 2 of the three drivers they chose.
Juan Pablo Montoya is in his first year in NASCAR , and a former F1 driver, and just seems to be a total asshole. He spunout his own teamate just to win a Busch series race.
Johnny Sauter has raced over 35 races and has never one, and he is always in the bottom of the pack.
Mark Martin, however, was a great choice. To here his observations on what he has gone through for the past 20 years is very intersesting.

All in all, I did enjoy the show and look forward to next week's episode.