Prince Andrew opens store in crime-ridden LA district


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Prince Andrew opens store in crime-ridden LA district

Britain's Prince Andrew formally opened a new supermarket in one of Los Angeles' most notorious districts on Thursday, cutting the ribbon on a store in crime-ridden Compton.

The prince, 47, presided over a ceremony to mark the opening of a grocery store owned by the British supermarket giant Tesco.

"I'm delighted to be able to support Tesco as they expand here in the US," the prince said at the opening.

"By locating stores in areas like Compton, Tesco's Fresh and Easy will help contribute to local job creation in neighborhoods that badly need it."

Compton was ranked the fourth most dangerous district in the US in a 2006 survey, with a murder rate several times higher than the national average, although crime figures are reported to have fallen in 2007.
Cant help but wonder how "Bangers and Mash" will go over in Compton. :D


How long till this one is burned/robbed/extorted out of business?


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about 15 seconds after a mmm hmmmm gets his ass kicked on tv for running from the cops.

assuming they wait that long.

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I didn't know Tesco was coming to the States....


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Lets hope its more peaceful than when Tesco expanded to Denmark: