problem connecting to Hotel router


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I have a HP dv9000 laptop with Vista Home. Last week all the sudden it would not connect to the hotel's router where I was staying (tried all the other public access points and would not connect either). Never had any problems till this and when I go home it connects fine to my home router. I called HP tech support and talked to John and Robert who are obviously very well trained computer techs from America and they told me I had to pay $70.00 to talk to more advanced Tech support (someone who can solve problems without a script).

Anyone one else have a problem like this? I have searched google and found a couple settings regarding IPv6 and to disable the setting?

XM sucks ass and I refuse to go back to them so I depend on a wireless connection and my ipod to listen to O&A.


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My laptop sees the hotel router but acts as if it can't read what the router is sending back to the laptop to make a connection. Every once and a while I can get an IP address, after going through several steps using ipconfig renewing and release but without internet access. I just don't under stand why it all the sudden won't connect, I have connected to this hotel before and had no problems. I thought maybe something went wrong with my laptop so I did a complete format and reinstall... didn't help.

I did go to other hotels before getting home and they would not work either. So now I have a laptop that for some reason will only work on my home router which really sucks because I spend more time in hotels than I do at home.

HP's tech support is such a joke also!!! I wish I had a talk show to trash them!


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I guess that this is the reason?

An outdated network router may not function correctly when you use it together with new networking features in Windows Vista
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Last Review : April 3, 2007
Revision : 2.0
This article describes why an outdated network router may not function correctly when you use it together with new networking features in Windows Vista. When you use an older router together with Windows Vista, you may experience any of the following problems:
• Slow network connection speeds or Internet connection speeds
• Gradual loss of network performance
• Lack of support for new features or for networking technologies

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Windows Vista uses a new network stack and provides new networking features that may not be fully compatible with an outdated network router. For example, Windows Vista uses UPnP-certified standards much more than Microsoft Windows XP. An outdated or less robust network router may be unable to handle the increased UPnP traffic that is generated by Windows Vista. Therefore, network packets may be dropped. When this problem occurs, you may experience any of the following problems:
• Page errors occur when you surf the Internet.
• Network performance is reduced.
• The network router may stop functioning, and you must reset the router.
Additionally, Windows Vista uses Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and IPv6 transition technologies. The network router may use Symmetric Network Address Translation (NAT). Symmetric NAT is incompatible with IPv6. The router may function incorrectly when you use applications that rely on IPv6 technologies, such as Microsoft Windows Meeting Space.

An Internet Connectivity Evaluation tool is available to test the router compatibility. To download the tool, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
The Internet Connectivity Evaluation tool is downloaded and installed as an COM component. The tool can be invoked through the tool-specific Web pages. The tool evaluates the following things:
• Basic IPv4 connectivity
• NAT type determination
• Vista TCP options - Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) and WS
• UPnP Support
• Concurrent TCP streams
The test takes about 10 minutes to finish. Run the tool from a computer that is directly connected to the router.

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Microsoft has created a tool that tests Windows Vista for network hardware compatibility problems. The tool simulates a complex home network and includes multiple computers that are running Windows Vista. For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
For more information about how to make sure that software and hardware are compatible with Windows Vista, visit the following Microsoft Web sites: ( (
For more information about the Windows Vista logo program for hardware vendors, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
For more information about the Windows Vista logo program for software vendors, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Vista Application Developmen ( Vista Application Developmen)

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• Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Business
• Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Enterprise
• Windows Vista Home Basic
• Windows Vista Home Premium
• Windows Vista Starter
• Windows Vista Ultimate


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The few Vista laptops (all within the last couple of months) that I've had to setup for clients all had a problem connecting to existing wireless routers without downloading an update from Microsoft. After the update, everything was fine.

Use a wired connection to your existing router and check for updates. There is a patch available.

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I agree with the above assessment. My sister has a new HP laptop with Vista and I had trouble getting it to connect to my the old D-Link 802.11B wireless router that they have at my parents' house. I had to connect to a port on the router with CAT5 and download all the vista updates and new drivers for all the hardware and then I was able to get it to connect wirelessly.

BTW, it's the same series laptop - an HP Pavilion DV9000.