Problem with Monitor or Video Card/s ?


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While I'm on the computer the screen goes blank, I can what's on my screen but it is so dark that you can't do anything. It's like someone put a heavy tint on my screen. I turn the screen off and on with the power button and it works like normal. This happens about a couple of times a week. My question is it the monitor or my video card. I pretty sure its the monitor, I hope, and not the video card/s. I have two AMD Radeon HD 6800 that I think are in crossfire if that makes any sense. My old computer had crossfire and I replaced three or four vid cards because the screen keep blinking on and off. Thanks for any help.


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since youre saying when the screen gets turned off/on and it looks normal again, I'd agree and say it was the monitor.


Sounds like a backlight problem. The backlighting goes out, but you can still sorta see what's on the screen.

EDIT: Yeah, google is saying that it is either the backlight itself, or the backlight inverter. Since this is something that goes away when you turn it off and on, I'll guess it's the inverter, because I'm on a message board, so I must be an expert. :icon_cool

Seriously, though - it sounds like it could be a bad contact.
you can always tell if it's the backlight by shining a flashlight tightly against the screen and it will look normalish in the light.


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Inverters are easy to fix in notebooks because they are usually a single card mounted under the LCD screen. On a monitor, it's all incorporated in large circuit board with all the other electronics. Much harder to fix.


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Thanks for the info about inverters I had know idea about them. I checked online (Google) and you guys were right that is the problem. I will get a new monitor as soon as this one dies. I just glad it not a video card, I didn't have a lot of luck with them on my old computer.
Clearly the issue is the backlight inverter which may or may not be a separate circuit board. Most likely its actually just some capacitors that are bad and need to be replaced (under $2 worth of parts). Search on google/youtube about bad capacitors to see what they look like and how to replace them. If you are mechanically inclined its pretty easy to do. Or you could save some money by taking it apart and taking the board to an electronic repair shop, you will save a good bit of money rather than bringing the monitor in and have them do all the work. Offer $20-40 and see if they bite, tell them you expect no warranty and they will probably do it for you since you have done most of the work. Honestly the hardest part of the job will be the disassemble/reassemble, you will notice after you take the screws out you still will have to pry the bezel apart. You can find examples of how to do this on youtube, use a thin blade like a butter knife to "pop" it apart. Take off pedestal as there usually are screws hiding under there.

Many LCD TVs can be fixed this way too, some of those you will find in the sets power supply. One word of advice if you are planning on keeping the item and going to repair it stop using the device. While it works intermittent for you it is only putting stress on other more expensive components in that circuit. Im saying that for other cases too, not just this one.