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OK. So here we go.

I am putting together a project for the pests to spend some of that momey you got back form XM.

Let's put billboards in D.C. and NY letting the people know that XM falsely advertised to their consumers and push them towards the PAC for more info.

I will use this thread to post updates and please post if you are going to join in.

If you do not trust me as a new poster an admin can handle the paypal.


As of now this is where we stand.

D.C. is going to be difficult. "Not much billboard coverage in the area" and most will want minumum 3-month commitment.

New york might be easier, but pricey. He's going to get back to be tomorrow with some more details and see what we can work around.

I told him we had a $5,000 budget just as a bullshit number to see what we could get for it. Please let me know how much you are in for so I can have a good estimate on a budget.

I'm calling other places as I type this. Please if you have experience in finding cheap billboards, or live in either NY or DC and know the best locations, post them here or PM me.


If we can get everyone to donate what would have been our XM sub fee we should be able to make this a reality.

We need to move quick, this is very time sensitive.


This would get the message across


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browith88keys said:
How much does it cost to do something like this?
I would imagine that it depends where you put it. If I remember correctly, I think the one in Orlando was like $600 or $700 (don't quote me on that). I'm pretty sure that there's some billboards on New York Ave. in D.C. near the XM headquarters, but I don't know if they're available.


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i'm down let me know where to send the paypal


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browith88keys said:
How much does it cost to do something like this?

It all depends on how much we can get, but for these two cities we are looking the thousands.

Donate whatever you can. If everyone who canceled donates just $5 we can probably do subway and taxi ads as well.


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ruckstande said:
How much? Can we use the XM logo?
No logos can be used without written consent, but you have all the right in the world to mention them by name.


Anyone remember how much the Phillips Phile billboard was?


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ruckstande said:
How much? Can we use the XM logo?
All it takes is a little creative freedom. We'll get some photoshop grafitty artists to make a nice knock off


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Let's get PAC to sponsor this. We can donate on their page.
Count me in

You should also be aware and when you start calling ask about "how soon can this be available"

You might have to go through a approval process, and or/ wait out someone else lease on a board until one is free. People rent space out on some of them months ahead of time

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I will donate my sub money for the month. Let me know!


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Seeing billboards about this would actually bring a tear to my eye. Never in my life have i been associated with a better group of people. goddammit i'm proud to be a pest.

Please post the paypal info as soon as you know something.


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Most billboard companies offer special rates for what are termed temporary marketing campaigns. these allow you to rent boards for 1-3 months, or rent boards on a temporary or rotating basis. I used to advertise through them in alabama/mississippi. I usually had 1-3 boards at any given time and they were boards that were either not currently sold to someone else, or between permanent advertisers. Often these were as little as $500 per month, plus the artwork.

And, I'm in for $100


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MJ001 said:
New york might be easier, but pricey.
How many homeless are out there? Paint small billboards on their, and it would be like the light-brite campaign.

I actually know the head of Lamar billboards here in Rochester, but I doubt that I'd be able to get a deal out of it.


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I don't want to rain on the parade, because I love this idea, but a billboard in the NY metro area will go for tens of thousands of dollars. Probably in the 40-50 grand range for a month. Not sure if they do them for shorter intervals.


I'm a professional graphic designer and would be MORE than happy to donate my services to put the billboard(s) together. I think an important thing would be for them to look really professional... there are ways to design things nicely and not use logos illegally. If someone out there wants to take care of the details (what the billboards should say, dealing with the companies for distribution, getting proper templates to use, etc. etc.) count me in!


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Set up a paypal with PAC and I'm in for 200.


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