Project X: Movie Trailer release


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That movie looks pretty good. I saw that it was "FROM THE DIRECTOR OF DERP DEE DERP" and got worried, but the trailer actually looks decent. Doesn't give too much away, just establishes a premise and says hey come see it. I like.


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Please tell me they give Rick Shapiro massive doses of radiation and make him use a flight simulator.


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I caught a sneak screening of this movie. Very funny with the "Found footage" appearance. If Superbad could have the house party instead of them trying to get liqour and go to a party, this would be that movie. It's the same "straight guy, chubby kid and the street smart kid who makes the party for the straight guy" pair. And the clincher Bare chested Teens.

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Watched this last night and it made me sad because I'm old. Pretty good movie for a very used premise. Rick was well... Rick. Lots of young titties and thong up skirt shots.


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I didn't realize it had its own thread... saw it about a week ago. It was alright, mainly for the girls like you said. I didn't expect much and wasn't surprised.


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