Prototype 2 (360, PS3)

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I normally hate open world games like GTA and Red Dead didn't wow me to much either, prototype and infamous are where I make the exception.

They also created the incredible hulk game where you run around destroying shit. If its an open world mind as well go over the top and go big versus talking to drug dealers.

Que GTA people to attack me. Well I'll beat you to the punch, your all a bunch of jive turkeys, pardon my french.


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Having an open world really sucks if they also use save points. I think I threw in the towel on Prototype I after repeatedly having to cross the city to reach a certain location.


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Just finished Prototype 2 and thought it was a great game. A few of the side missions felt repetitive (but they are only side missions and there were a lot of them) and the challenges weren't appealing (skipped those after the first one), but the rest was great. A very visceral experience, pretty cool boss fight at the end, and the skyscraper gliding/world navigation never got old. All in all, this was an excellent and unexpectedly rewarding series that I'm disappointed to see come to an end.