I've been playing this game for the last couple of hours since I downloaded it, it has a pay what you like payment scheme (so free if your cheap like me:action-sm...though I'll give the developer a few sheckles later to get the bonus track) and it's cooler than the proverbial FUCK!!!.

It plays like a cross between Audiosurf and Marble Madness and it has a cool abstract art style.

It only has a few tracks at the moment but it's made with 3D Studio Max so I'm sure the mod scene will make hundreds of new ones in the next few months.

I highly recommend this cool little indie game for pc(made by some Dutch guy in his spare time over the last six years).

It also works with the Xbox360 joypad.

It's only 69mb

I recommend using the torrent link on the official site as you don't have to give your email address to download it.





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It looks fun. I used to play Marble Madness and this looks like a 3D version of it.
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The first user made track is awesome...