ps2 - have any game reviews

New System is sweet.

Have Madden 2001 (ass kickin game i like burnin defenders - graphics are awsome)

and x squad (graphics are sweet) - takes a little getting used to.

anyone have any games they like....
My friend got the PS2 and i played Ridge Racer V. It was sweet just like your in a real race.
All i got to say here is that i played Madden 2001 and that game absoloutely kicks major ass.

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we just got ps2 last week, tekken tag tournament is pretty good, i didn't like the first tekken and i usually suck at fighting games, but i liked this one. I haven't actually bought any games yet but i wanna get my b/f a football game for xmas, is madden 2001 the best one, anyone played any of the others???

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I've played:

NHL 2001=
it's great! The graphics are sick, all of the players look exact. The gameplay was excellent too.

Tekken Tag=
The best game for PS2 so far. You really have to give it a chance, especially if your playing with 4 players. If you have the multitap, the extra controls, & 3 friends to play with, then it's a "MUST HAVE" game.

Ready to Rumble 2=
It doesn't suck. It's one of those games your not crazy about but you won't stop playing.It's very "arcade" if you know what I mean. In other words Knockout Kings 2001 is the one to wait for.KO Kings is a simulation, you have to mix it up with combos. R2R 2 does have excellent graphics. If you play it make sure you take one of the girls & watch'um bounce. It's worth renting, but I wouldn't buy it.

Madden 2001=
Another great game, my opinion is that it's way better then Gameday 2001. I always buy EA sports games first, they are almost always the better one. Madden (EA)/ Gameday (989), NBA Live (EA)/ Shootout (989), Tiger Woods (EA)/ any golf game, NHL (EA)/ Faceoff (989), etc. However, 989 does make the better Baseball game "MLB" Which I think is always better then EA"s "Triple Play".

I also played a golf game but it wasn't Tiger Woods. Unfortunatly, I don't remember the name of it but it wasn't that good. It was also "very arcadey" as opposed to Tiger Woods which is a simulation.

I've seen Ridge Recer V but I didn't play it. I can tell you that I didn't like it. Nothing compares to Gran Turismo,which is the only game that the car actually moves. Any other racing game you play (anywhere, for any system) the car stays still but the background moves. In GT the car actually moves through the screen. Pay attention next time, you'll see!

So far, these are all I know about. I've seen a couple of other games but didn't play them yet. When I do,I'll post what I thought about them.
Ok i agree that Madden 2001 rocks and i have also heard that Gameday sucks really bad but i actually prefer EA's Triple Play over MLB.

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What you guys need to do is go out and buy SSX! The game is in-fucking-credible. When you first start playing you don't think it is that good but as you start opening more tracks, boards, outfits, and moves, the game just turns into a classic!