PS2 Question???

Is it true that you could play PS2 games will work on a regular playstation they just wont have the PS2 graphics? I am just wondering cause i didnt believe it but this kid at school swears up and down it can be done.

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No, It's the exact opposite. You can play regular Playstation games on the PS2. The Playstation is CD-Rom & the PS2 is DVD-Rom.
Thanks Mikey, I got it now.

Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!

Diceman Saotome

That's true but all PS2 games are CD. Sony doesn't have any plans of making DVD games.

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Diceman i have been hearing alot of people complaning about there PS2 when they use it to watch a DVD. Is there any difference between the DVD player in the PS2 and lets a regular normal DVD player you would buy in the store?<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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