Ps3 controller question


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Okay, here's the problem. I need to replace my controller, and I have two unused ones, but when I plug it in to the console, the charging lights just blink, and it won't assign (or whatever the term is). What the hell?


Leave them plugged in and play till they're charged (steady red light.)


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Or just plug them into your computers USB port while you arent playing just to charge it. I havent tried that but I dont see why it wouldnt work.


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are you pressing the PS button while plugged in? Pretty sure it continues to blink until charged.


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There's a tiny hole on the underside with a reset button. Try pushing that with a pin.


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I've tried the reset, leaving it plugged in overnight, plus controllers are brand new. I heard one person mention something about doing a system restore, but I don't want to attempt that unless I know both how to do it properly, and that I have no other option. I really don't wanna risk losing the stuff I have saved.