PS3 Intercooler?


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Should I get one? My PS3 is in an entertainment center, but it's got a fair amount of space around it.

Is the Intercooler just a scam to get PS3 users to pay for something else, or should I drop the ~$35 on it?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
that thing gets way way hot, mine is on top of my cable box and when there both on, they get insanely hot, i already have fans on my head unit, im thinking about re doing my entire set up and install fans in the cabinet its self, i just wish they weren't so noisy, i got mine from rat shack


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You should be fine without a cooler VMS, you have it pretty much like I do but I have game cases piled around it and I dont have any problems. You might want to clean that dust on the shelf though, it wont do your PS3s fan any good.


save your money. your ps3 is fine like that.


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just beware of static electricity when you're dusting


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hmm.....mine doesn't really get hot. The only thing that gets hot for me is the HDMI cable..but that only happens after its been on for like 10 hours.


DO NOT buy the intercooler. It often does more harm than good.