PSP= Shit

Did nothing to it,brought home a new game and now it won't read UMD's at all. Little bit of google-ing told me shitloads of people have had this. Bought the game new in Nov.07. Tried most of the remedies I found,like cleaning the lens,moving the laser,restoring defaults,nothing worked.Fuck.


damn dude, that sucks. i never had a problem with the original or the slim one.


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me neither and I have the custom firmware, I play any and every game that comes out and I download

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That would make me so mad that I would find some other way of playing movies or games off the memory stick instead. I'm sure there's a torrent of information about it on the internet.

You could also rip the UMD's to your hard drive and then transfer and run them from the Memory Stick using Devhook.


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Go contact Sony. Awhile back my screen got cracked and they fixed it for free.

Besides the crack, no problems for mine and had it since June of 05.
Never had that problem. The thing I had an issue was that about four months of owning it the joystick broke and I couldn't have it serviced because I had lost my receipt.

So, I got a new joystick online and replaced it myself. Same thing for when a co-worker broke my screen I replaced it myself.

The only time I experienced crashes and freezes were when I beta tested a few games that were buggy.

Sucks about your UMD problem.