"Purple Rain" -- Named "Greatest Film Soundtrack" by Vanity Fair

Another reason I don't read that worthless fuckin' magazine.

Another girlie-douche bag from Minnesota...Prince stinks.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - If you've hummed along, tapped your feet, or even danced in your seat while watching "Purple Rain," "Saturday Night Fever" or "Trainspotting," you're not alone.

The soundtracks from those movies have been named among the 50 greatest by the editors of Vanity Fair magazine. The full list will be revealed next month in a one-time Conde Nast magazine, Movies Rock, for subscribers of its 14 titles.

"Purple Rain" topped the chart even though it was described as "perhaps the best badly acted film ever," editors at Vanity Fair said, while "Trainspotting" came in at No. 7 and "Saturday Night Fever" was eighth.

The Vanity Fair editors said the "Purple Rain" soundtrack was a flawless combination of "funk, R&B, pop, metal, and even psychedelia into a sound that defined the '80s."

"A Hard Day's Night" came in a No. 2, followed by "The Harder They Come," "Pulp Fiction," "The Graduate" and "Superfly." "American Graffiti" and "The Big Chill" rounded out the top 10.

"Saturday Night Fever's" soundtrack is "required listening for anyone looking to heat up the dance floor," the editors said. "The white suit? Not so much."

Movies Rock, which will feature stories and photos of the projects, stars, directors and musicians who created the selected movies, launches ahead of a two-hour CBS broadcast of the same title in December.


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Shame on you for your disparaging comments about "his royal badness". Sure he's a little purple faggot, as well as an eccentric wierdo, but his talent and creativity are undeniable. I don't agree that Purple Rain is the greatest soundtrack, but I would love to see him perform live. I think he's a kickass guitarist with a great presence.

Wait. I just remembered the Bat Dance. Forget what I just said. Prince stinks.


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I was JUST going to post this article. I saw Purple Rain again on VH1 the other night. DAMN was that an AWFUL movie! Prince's songs/performances were phenomenal, yet the movie itself STINKS!!!!
It's the greatest/worst movie of all time.


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I think Prince is incredibly talented and Purple Rain is a great soundtrack, but no way is it better than A Hard Day's Night.

I'd throw the Garden State soundtrack on that list.


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I've always thought that the soundtracks to Heavy Metal and Lost Boys were pretty good but, alas, not even mentioned.


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I've always thought that the soundtracks to Heavy Metal and Lost Boys were pretty good but, alas, not even mentioned.
Heavy Metal is one of my favorites. Love the movie and the soundtrack is great.

Can't disagree with Purple Rain being a good soundtrack though. The movie stunk
but Prince showed flashes of great guitar playing in that one.
He could have been another Hendrix if he really stayed with it instead of doing the
crap that he did.


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
When it first came out, Purple Rain was great but, I guess it just got played out. With that said, when ever I hear a track from Saturday Night Fever, I still listen to it. I guess it came out during my formative years. Eh, who knows.
I would have voted for anything Will Smith did.

I have great taste in music.


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The girl in me still likes the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack.


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At the risk of sounding really gay, Purple Rain is an excellent soundtrack. Maybe not number one but definitely in my top five. It is the only album by Prince I like and the only one I own. The movie itself is shit.

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Imagine, if you will...
It's obviously by popularity of the soundtrack, not the quality.
I would put Magnolia #1.
Yes, faggy...I know
Ever notice how people come to a music thread. And when they judge music, they judge it with every other set of criteria than the fucking music itself.

Oh Jesus when did the fucking world turn upside down? Yes, he's weird, yes the movie blew, yes he likes purple, and he banged Appolonia and Shelia E...

And none of that has anything to do with the fact the fucking music in itself was good. And this was arguably one of the best soundtracks ever.

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finaly something that offends white people
although how horrible the songs may be.. who the fuck doesn't know all the words to the Grease soundtrack.

like OH MY GOD!



Not the tinsnips...NOOOOO!
Boy, John Travolta has done some films with great soundtracks! My favorite? Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Paul Williams singing "leave us alone we'll liiiiiive in the country" brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it!


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I'm just happy Forest Gump didn't win.


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As dated as it sounds now, I still think that's a damn good album. I don't know if I'd call it the greatest soundtrack though.