Quentin Tarantino is Bad at Talking to Black People


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That was awful. He's drawing out his words and placing weird emphases on the wrong syllables: "my coom-puter?" What the hell is that? I wish Sam Jackson would have smacked him upside his head as soon as he started.

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I couldn't make it all the way through


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Douche chilling indeed.

I am trying to decide which gave me bigger douche chills... This or when Seth McFarlane said "quentin tarrantino thinks he's black" at the Oscars. A big silence followed and he moved on as quick as he could but.. yeah.

Oh and I watched the whole thing. Is that on purpose? Has anyone told him how he sounds when he does it. Can't be he just did it then for the first time.
Thank you, I solemnly swear to bring the filthiest shit, you faggot's bitch.


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He's been doing that for years. He talked like that on the Foxhole Unchained and on a few other shows over the years..He's like Opie he starts to talk blacker when he's around them.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
It's the opposite of the Ludacris Effect.


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Thank you, I solemnly swear to bring the filthiest shit, you faggot's bitch.
Is English your second language, or is this actually how thoughts develop in your brain?


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I can't come up with the psychological term for this but you know when you are in a weird situation, you start talking like the other people?
You even kind of unconsciously start taking on the body movements that the other people have?

Compound that with wigger douchebaggery and you get this. Tarantino wigger-douchin' it up on Opie and Anthony was unbearable for me.
I'm not even going to try to watch this clip.