Question about XM....


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Jun 1, 2004
Hey, I cancelled my XM a ways back (probably around 2 months ago) and made it perfectly clear I wanted the service disconnected. The person on the phone told me it was taken care of and my account is shown as cancelled. OK, fine.... I tried logging into XM online to make sure and was denied saying the account was deactivated. While tooling around with my car the other day, I tried the XM in the car and it still is working.

Is it possible they forgot to shut it off? I haven't gotten charged for it..... or are they just waiting to hit me with a suprise bill?
Dec 8, 2004
They prob have not sent the kill signal to your unit... but I would check to see if you are still getting invoiced though.


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Oct 10, 2004
If your radio was off all this time it didn't receive the kill signal.

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May 26, 2005
If your radio was off all this time it didn't receive the kill signal.
Normally with kill signals, they send it out a lot at the beginning, and then less often as time goes on. Your radio will probably get hit sooner or later; make sure you turn it off when not listening.


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Aug 10, 2004
These guys are right. I recently got an Inno and I had my old radio in the car off for a while because I read about this in another thread. I totally forgot about it for like two months. I had a long drive and was going to take my Inno and put in one earbud because I dont have a car kit for the Inno. My wife says try the old radio and see if it works and it did.
I really dont listen to the old one at all so I thinking of giving it to my truck driving, Howard and Bubba loving, Sirius listening father in law to try and get him to listen to O&A . Thinking about asking him to give O&A a try on the weekends when Howie and Bubba will be off. Its win/win, he can give O&A a try and it wont cost either of us a thing.


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Aug 25, 2005
A little trick I found works for the skyfi2 units. I had five subs and decided to get rid of two of them. One that is cancelled has been working for a couple of months now and I don't get billed for it. once or twice a day while I'm listening to it the channel will go to the preview channel. Right when it switches to the preview channel I switch back to 202. This has worked for me for two months now. My other unit was in a semi of mine and the driver was getting ready to load his truck. His unit did the same thing but he didn't bother with it and when he got back in the cab he couldn't switch it back. So if the unit goes to preview, immedietly turn it back to 202. Works for me.