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Joey Bond

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Aug 11, 2005
New Haven Connecticut
I heard on a Ron & Fez replay the interview with the guy from jr cigars and he was talking about the luxury cigars that they sell.I am not a cigar smoker so I have no clue as to what is considered a good smoke or not but I decided as a xmas present for my boss I would order him cigars because he likes to smoke them.I think he normally smokes Imperial cigars (not sure though) anyway I ordered him this

Handmade DR
Wrapper: CAM Binder: MEX Filler: DR
Mild-Medium Bodied

The Partagas Limited Reserve was the most expensive cigar of its day, and if the company were still capable of producing them who knows how much they might sell for today. Edgar Cullman Sr., the former CEO of General Cigar, took it upon himself to create the best constructed cigar of all time. According to General Cigar, they resorted to their best African Cameroon wrappers and chose only one of every thousand wrappers to go on these super luxury cigars that sold for three times the price of the average super premium in 1998. Additionally, the rolling of these cigars was confined only to the best craftsmen in their Santiago plant.

The 1998 specimens we have available for sale are all that are left of this incredibly well constructed cigar brand that has not been produced in almost a decade. Given that the cigars we purchased are not packed in the outrageously expensive mahogany boxes they were originally marketed in, we are able to sell them at a price that is actually less than the 1998 MSRP.

Item No. Color Len x Ring Pkg Qty Retail JR Price Buy Now
PL98R EMS 6.25 x 47 10 $0.00 $160.00

and they also offered a sampler set 10 assorted premium cigars for 29.95

My question is are these good cigars? I know they cost alot but are they worth it?


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Oct 13, 2004
The guy from JR was right about when buying cigars as a gift and you're not sure what the person smokes regularly, get him a sample pack. The partagas is a very good cigar, and he should be happy, but not knowing his flavor could wind those cigars burried in his humidor for months and passed out to his friends.