Question for Red Sox fans in Boston

I'm looking into getting my g/f, who is a huge Red Sox fan but has never been to Fenway, tickets to a game this season for her birthday. What exactly do "standing room only" tickets get you? Also, since I'm looking into getting tix for a Saturday or Sunday game, is my only chance for tickets at this point using stubhub or any of the other sites that just **** you on the prices? Doesn't matter who they're playing. Thanks in advance.


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Standing room only is just that. You get to stand along the rail at the top of the grandstand level seats. If that's all you can get, it's better than nothing I guess.

I have always been very lucky with Ebay. You can find a lot of season ticket holders selling their tix for a decent price. I had 2 tix for the Yanks/Sox season opener last season, sitting 5 rows behind the dugout. I think I paid $100 a ticket.


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yeah you can get lucky with ebay or stubhub if you pick a game against real shitty teams but no doubt your going to pay double face value

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Cybouncer & Empyrelounge are right on the money. eBay or StubHub are the way to go. You can also check out Ace Ticketing. In their radio spots Ace claims to have plenty of tickets to Fenway, but I would still go w/StubHub. I've used them in the past and never got screwed.