Question, Please Respond

The color of the board is black and DARK BLUE. I've noticed on a friends computer, The Blue looks kind of purple or lighter blue.

On my computers it looks DARK BLUE almost closer to Black then light blue.

PLEASE let me know how it looks on your PC, cause if it looks like it did at my friend house I have to do something about it.

On another note, Is anyone getting the flashing white screen in between changing topic, forums, etc?

Please respond its the only way if I know the board is functioning correctly.

Ok right now its looks dark purple on my computer. Also i saw the white screen when i logged in. The Whos Online just shows numbers and crap not screen names.

On a side note i dunno if this would be the wrong time to ask you but i figure since you are doing work on site now what the hell, Are you gonna bring back the option to add sounds in posts?


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on my comp it looks black i dont seem to have any probs with it


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The color on my PC is black and a midnight blue. Is that correct or no? I like it.

I just noticed the white flashing thing between switching from forum to forum, I never really noticed it until you brought it up, so it's not really bothersome.
Another question!!

Does anyone remember what order I used to have the stars, status, avatar, member # to the left? It dont look right but I cant remember how it was. Also were the sig pics always to the left? or were they centered. damn I've been working on this site for 12 hours!! I need a Beer... oh, and who is your Daddy and what does he do?
Sig Pics were always to the left. I think the order was stars, status, member #, and avatar.
well, now I see the Whos online isnt working correctly damn.
I "think" I just fixed it. I hope!

Nope Its still buggin

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The color on my screen is pink and green. What the fuck are you all talking about? Just breaking balls. it's dark blue or purple, I can't really tell.
well I upgraded the board yesterday from 6.01 to 6.04d The upgrade it self took 30 minutes, putting all the "hacks" in took hours. I think I have whos online working correctly now. which is also a new version.

please report any bugs with the board here..

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I have like a powder drk blue with white letters and the rest black with dividing lins royal blue. Hope that helps