would anyone like a text chatroom here? Since noone goes to the voice room I could easily add a text chat room.


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Yeah a text room would be cool. I've been having so many problems with my microphone and my SB Live card(way too much feed back)
I'm getting frustrated.


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Although I think we should have a voice chat revival. I would like a text chat. That would be cool, like if I see that fofo and Ihon are online, I can say what's up, without wasting a post that makes no sense. So I think that's a great idea. :D


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Yes, I would like that.

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If it's mac friendly, I'll say what's up.

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I like the idea i would use that chat room more than i did the voice chat room.


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::::Spazz:::: Cause IHON has the gay voice. ::::Spazz::::::: :D
Ok guys I'll have a chatroom up in the next few dayd and a link to the plug some of you missed...

Been really busy lately, so sorry for the slow updates. gotta go later.....


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Lookin forward to it Lets all chat like we use to and have some fun